Mystic Homelands: Knights of The Gate

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Mystic Homelands: Knights of The Gate

Mystic Homelands: Knights of the Gate - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Oct 28 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 5

Read Me First for a description about the DM and the Game


This is meant to be a Tome of Battle themed game. I'm not looking for crazy maxed out builds, as much as I am a tight crew of myriad talents and personalities who can pull together to make an awesome crack team.

Allowed Sources: SRD Core books, the Tome of Battle, Magic Item Compendium, and Complete Scoundrel. Why Complete Scoundrel? Who doesn't like skill tricks?

Rolling Ability Scores: Roll 4d6v1r1 six times: That'll drop the lowest and reroll ones. Still don't like the results? Use a 36 point buy. Roll your stats Here

Classes: Choose between the three classes in the Tome of Battle: Crusader, Swordsage, and Warblade. You'll be following your class progression to its maximum: There will be no prestige classes or multiclassing allowed down the turnpike.
Alignment: Good or neutral. I don't put up with evil. Mischievious, on the other hand...
Races: Although humans are the majority in The Gatekeepers, it's not unusual to find elves, orcs, half-orcs, and even the occasional little person. Please refer to the "World of Terrus" threads to learn more about what races are where.
Starting Level: We will begin the game at Level 2.
HP: Maximum at 1st level, roll for 2nd level. In other words, the normal route.
Wealth: 1500 gp to spend as you please. A decent weapon and some good armor wouldn't hurt you any.

RESERVE POINTS: We will be using the Reserve Points variant rule from Unearthed Arcana for this game to make up for the fact that you're all kick-butt warrior types and that you're not packing a healer along. Make sure you read up on it so you know what to expect.

BONUS FEAT: As a trained warrior of The Gatekeepers, you have received training in both armed and unarmed combat. Unarmed combat is especially important in dealing with civil disturbances and breaking up bar brawls. To reflect this, please give yourselves Improved Unarmed Strike as a Bonus Feat.

Skill Modifications:
-Crusaders can treat Heal as a class skill.
-Swordsages can treat Disable Device as a class skill.
-Warblades can treat Spot as a class skill.

What I'd like to see in Your Application

For the rest, please use spoiler tags.

Description: Your appearance, any noticeable physical or emotional traits your character possesses. And if you feel like it, sure, I'd love a picture. Try to put the pictures in spoiler tags so we don't clutter up the app thread.
Personality: Well, we've got to know how you get along with others. Try to give a hint as to how you relate to your other, unspecified teammates, and what makes your character stand apart from the others.

Background: Not everyone has a troubled past. Many people come to The Gatekeepers out of a sense of obligation: They protect Terrus, keep the peace, and make sure that goods and well-intentioned individuals come and go as need be. Where are you from? What made you want to join up? Is the Watch Patrol your first assignment in The Gatekeepers, or were you a transfer from another division, a burnout taken off of prior assignment or someone who has a black mark on their service record your last commander didn't want to know? Not everybody has a pristine career. Not everybody's a curmudgeonly screwup, either.

Statblocks: Hide these in spoiler tags as well. If you can, also include a list of significant (Read: expensive or non-mundane) gear, and an explanation of any feats that aren't from the SRD for my own sanity.

Posting Rate: This is a biggie, actually. Dropout rates are always a problem in Play By Post, and so I'm looking for that rare combination of a gamer looking for a fun time and a cooperative experience...who's consistently here, and Weaving. Please give me your rate of average posts per day: Not what you think you can manage. Give me the statistic from your user profile.

Applications may be placed here

Game Description:

The World of Terrus
Nessene's Island, 994 N.E.

For 1,000 years, Terrus was kept safe from interplanar troubles and conflict thanks to the ancient Walvendanian mechanisms in the Godfall Gate, and also to the force that protected it. Since the days of the legendary Veyran Vanguard at the dawn of the New Era, the Great Portal has been protected by a paid, standing force of mages, soldiers, and all castes in between known as The Gatekeepers. Separate from Ashran politics, secluded from the continents, The Gatekeepers keep watch over the Godfall Gate, Nessene's Island, and by extension, their world. In the most heavily defended piece of land in all of Terrus, they monitor travelers and trade between the worlds, protect their homelands, and enforce the laws and regulations they serve by. You are members of the Watch Patrol, the day to day policing force responsible for keeping order and civility.

For 1,000 years, the peace has only been disturbed twice, and both times it was quickly restored.
As the bards say, though, Things Come in Threes.

The Law of Awesome- The success of an idea, plan or scheme is directly proportional to how ludicrous, ridiculous, or batsh** insane it sounds upon explanation.
"I've got a plan that's so crazy it HAS to work!"

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This would be better anwered if you asked for the exampled your talking about

You know how a socrer can only know so many spells but can cast them more than a wizard?

Crusaders at level one, can pick one stance, and if you follow the chart on their class, you see when the number goes up you can pick new stances. Look at level 39 , for a idea of what level you can learn certain things. when you look up the descriptions of certain moves , they will have a "level' that you can judge based on your current level of class to use.

@ersico, just because am not doing your game, does not mean i need to be a dick and not answer someones questions or ask the obvious ones.

Originally Posted by silverwolfer View Post
...a unarmed swordsage, already gets improved unarmed strikes *aka monk* would you give them superior unarmed strikes ?
Wasn't it said that there were no variants (in regard to the Arcane Swordsage admittedly, but still)?

Anyway. I think I was statting my guy out to L1 but it doesn't really make much difference; there are no new feats or anything at L2. Soon to be fixed, though.

Originally Posted by Maika View Post
Ahhhhhh... Now I get it. Definetly applying with a Crusader then
Crusader is cool because your manoeuvres recharge by themselves, and they're the only ones who get Devoted Spirit (which includes a lot of healing-type manoeuvres). Of course, the flip side is that you don't control what manoeuvres are available when (you sometimes have to wait for a manoeuvre), and you only have the three style to pick from.

Swordsage gets lots of manoeuvres, and the biggest selection, but the recharge method sucks and his BAB is only medium. Warblade is somewhere between the two, kind of like a better Fighter.

The Players' Handbook, The Dungeon Masters' Guide, and the Monster Manual 1 (since they made others) are considered the "Core", or SRD sources. Though I am using the Reserve Points mechanic from Unearthed Arcana, that is the exception to the rule, and one chosen by me to make the characters hardier.

As I have said before to other things, concerning any feats from Unearthed Arcana, no.

The ad closes October 27th. Have at it, and be sure you follow the guidelines.

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