Try your hand at Incarnum!

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Try your hand at Incarnum!

Incarnum: The Rending - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Oct 17 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Incarnates needed! Soulborn required! That's right, the time has come to dust off everyone's favourite supplement! No, not Tome of Battle, Magic of Incarnum! I know you've probably lost it by now, but just turn off the lights and follow the blue glow.

This is a brief one-shot to give people a chance to roll out stuff using Magic of Incarnum.

The setting is a world in which much is the same as in most D&D games, but incarnum is the only kind of magic known; there is limited spellcasting but it's all derived from the same source.

You play as L5 characters tasked with destroying the Necrocarnum Zombie(s) which have been plaguing your town, either because you're heroes or because the pay's good.

Most any WotC books and web excepts are open BUT no "magical" classes aside from meldshapers.
For full character creation rules, see here.

Game Description:

Alternate magic systems interest me. What if there was no Vancian magic, no Wizards, no Sorcerers? What if there were only - in this case - wielders of Incarnum?

Welcome to a world where one of D&D's least-used supplements takes centre stage. Here, all magic comes from the power of souls past - and future. What little magic there is that resembles "traditional" D&D magic will simply be a derivative of incarnum, drawn from the same sources.

This will be a one-shot game in which the players are called upon to hunt down a dangerous necrocarnate, designed to introduce people to Magic of Incarnum or give them a chance to play it, only for non-spellcasters and incarnum classes.

It would probably not be too far off even with the SR, because Monstrous Humanoid HD are actually halfway decent. Since SR will probably not be too useful anyway I'll allow it (including the SR) but I think removing the Alternate Form might be best (it feels a bit jarring, tbh).

Okay so no skills, HD, Alternate Form but keep the SR gotcah

((to me SR is more a punishment than a positive as it infers with buffs in mid combat lol))

The skills are a direct benefit of the HD, so no skills.

What buffs are you going to cast, btw?

Psychic Rogue is pretty cool.

Only thing is it's a manifesting class, so you'd have to take the non-Psionic variant (it's called the "Rogue" ).

I'd rather not; there are loads of cool options for incarnum-based homebrew, but I don't really want to get into them. To be honest, low-magic classes like the Psychic Rogue might still work quite nicely even in an Incarnum-based setting, and it's something I might allow if I did this again, but for this I was going for the almost-complete non-existence of psionics and "traditional" magic.

An Incarnum Rogue meanwhile would be very much a homebrew thing, and I'd rather just stay away from that.

Of course, you could just go plain Rogue and take Shape Soulmeld or whatever (Indigo Strike is pretty cool).

There is no down the road.

But seriously, the idea is you can try something wacky like throwing a random Shape Soulmeld on something and see how it goes. Admittedly, Shape Soulmeld needs a bit too much investment, since you get a 1/2-HD meldshaper level and no essentia. There are still some cool options there, though.


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