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VP debate

Originally Posted by Lord Ben View Post
It should be clear that quote was me quoting an article, not my statement.
To be clear, I did understand that.

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Because Ryan tackled Biden head on when pressured on the issue of tax loopholes and how he plans to balance the budget when they want to add 2 trillion dollars to military spending that their current tax plan will not be able to save enough money to account for. Even the moderator tried to ask Ryan how they were going to work that out but he dodged the issue at every turn. This article is so biased it hurts. I hate both of them but to say Biden was the one doing the emotional pandering and not Ryan is asinine.
Of course it is; it's the Wall Street Journal, an obviously conservative rag. However, I will give WSJ limited points for not being as wholly and nakedly biased as say the likes of Forbes or Investor's Business Daily, both of which compete with Fox for printing the most blatant right-wing propaganda.

The best, most telling poll concerning the debate's 'winner' thus far has got to be CBS' poll of undecideds which put Biden at a decisive lead; 50% to 31%. A 19% difference among undecideds is huge. CNN's poll in the meanwhile put Ryan barely ahead with a smaller, Republican leaning sample size (381) that was effectively even given that Ryan's lead was not greater than the statistical margin of error. CNBC's poll has flipped back and forth between Ryan and Biden leading, typically with a narrow 1-5% difference.

On the subject of the Ryan/Romney plan, it's a complete crock to anyone who:

A: Recognizes that the claimed revenue neutrality of the plan (in that it doesn't add to the debt/deficit beyond current spending) _depends_ on substantial tax revenue increases. Romney has admitted this.

B: Recognizes that there is no strong, clear and verified correlation between lower tax rates and economic or tax revenue growth in balance (considering all notable studies examining the relationship).

C: Recognizes the contemporary history of the Bush tax cuts which failed to result in any meaningful and demonstrable increase of revenues that would justify its 1.8+ trillion (and counting) cost in lost revenues. Conservatives like to point to the period of 2003-7, but that's absolutely ridiculous for obvious reasons; namely because one of the biggest and easily the most destructive bubble America has ever known was occurring at the time.

In summation, it's an absurd plan that predominantly means to improve the lot of the rich, and stick it to the poor and middle class when the irresponsibly projected tax revenue increases ultimately do not materialize.

I just watched the debate in full today, and thought that Ryan did a good job. He handled Biden's aggression well and stayed on his message. He certainly didn't hurt his chances for running for President in four or eight years.

Biden did a good job being aggressive in the face of what he termed as Ryan's 'malarkey', but Ryan's feisty calmness in the face of that aggression went a long way towards defusing it. I wouldn't be comfortable saying either debater won over the other.

IMO, the real winner was the moderator. She did an admirable job reining them in and keeping them on track. She could have pressed them more, but they mostly shut up when she asserted herself.

Republicans always want to talk about Reagan's tax cut's reviving the economy. They rarely mention that he also raised capital gains, which also contributed to reigning in runaway speculation.

I finally got around to catching the opening of Saturday Night Live from this past weekend, and, surprise surprise, it was about the VP Debate. Unfortunately, the entire clip has been taken down by NBC, however, CNN reported on it in small segments, and you can see it here.

Yah, it was kinda like that.


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