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Simple Enough Character Creation System?

Simple Enough Character Creation System?

I intend to create a system where attributes such as strength, rather than operating as a flat bonus, instead define character traits, hopefully allowing for greater customization.

[spoiler=Stats]There's only two stats for each aspect. There's two aspects: Mental and Physical. The stats for each are Strength and Dexterity.

Each character begins with a 3 in Physical Strength and Dexterity and has 5 points to raise the scores with.

A 5 represents an average score, an 8 is well above average, a 12 is olympian and a 30 is generally considered godly levels of perfection - with anything 15 or above entering superhuman levels.

Therefor, the world's best dead lifter might have a 14 in strength. Or he could have upwards of 10 points or more in lift (an attribute of strength).

Each number below 5 represents a flaw that must be taken in the category, while anything 5 and above represents a perk that can be taken in either athletics (strength) or acrobatics or stealth (dexterity).

Alternatively, you can spend these points on related traits. The only difference between traits and skills is that traits remain permanent at the level of character building and never advance with 'tiers' - whereas a skill's tier determines how much every perk selected before it will advance.

Perk Table
5 - 7: +1 per point.
8 - 11: +2 per point.
12-14: +3 per point.
15 and onwards: +4 at 15, +1 per additional point. So, at 16 it would be +5, 17 (+6), etc.

So, if you have 13 physical strength, you can take 15 perks associated with athletics or spend some (or all) of those points on physical traits.

Traits can be upgraded as much as you have the points to, but it also advances any negative effects of the trait. You cannot upgrade traits beyond character creation. The effects of a trait can be reduced at GM discretion.

Combat - Combat in this game is somewhat like burning wheel, although I've yet to read all that much into the wiki. If it ends up being exactly like burning wheel (or worse), then my objective would probably be to make it simpler. Or more realistic (whatever you want, I'll give it to you!). If you don't know how to make things better, don't talk to me (I'm not litsening, la la la).

What game does this tie to? Without knowing that we can't tell you if your system is flawed?

How the points affect combat or roleplay... etc etc.

That's fine, I've used a mechanic similar to that myself.

For example, a 3-tier with perks associated with each tier.

I might point out, if you're locking in the bonus to numeric ranges the numeric ranges are serving little purpose.

A 3 or 5 tier system would be quite adequate. Each time they rank up, either get all perks of that tier - or buy 2 of each tier they're in, ranking up a tier every "level-up".

Since PBP games can have missions/levels/whatevers lasting a good 2-3 months apiece, give them one rankup each time... 5 ranks in each skill will keep them busy for a couple years, which is enough for a campaign.

The only issue I have with tier system is that I feel like there's less customization. Can you still be better at one thing you can do and worse at another thing you can do (excluding all of what you can't do)?

Ie. Strength 1 - Selected Perks are Tall and Heavy
Strength 2 - Tall and Heavy become better. Select two new perks.

Or alternatively, only allow the more powerful perks to have prerequisites (ie. To have better reach, you must first be Tall). The perks you select at the lowest tier would therefor define the basis of your character. Could work out?

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