[AD&D 2E]Spelljammer Game

[AD&D 2E]Spelljammer Game

I'm wanting to start a game of AD&D using the Spelljammer campaign setting, and thought I'd see if anyone might be interested in playing.

I've noticed that OD&D and AD&D games have been garnering quite a bit of popularity on here lately, and thought that another DM on board for this would be a good thing. If this is something I can get about 4 players on board with, I'd love to get this thing going!

The idea is a homebrew world, where spelljamming is not really known of, but there have been stories of ancestors having dealt with "people in frigates and schooners from the heavens". The characters' stories would develop for a couple of levels before jumping into the stars and beyond the boundaries of their own crystal sphere.

Through the Phlogiston we go! Interest definitely, though I hope it may be possible later on to gain my own ship, and go raiding the 7 billion seas! I miss 2nd ed and all the wonderful adventures. How about a pixie pirate? Well a pixie with dreams of being a pirate... you can't very well be a pirate in a forest of dancing fey....

Ha! I'm still deciding what character classes to allow. but hopefully I can garner enough interested to set this up and run it!

Well if you can't garner too much more interest I'm always willing to go 1 on 1, posting will be faster as would character progression but you'd have to tailor it a bit more towards solo.

Another 2E game? Fantastic!

I'm in on this one for sure if you get it going. Probably going to go Mage due to it being spelljammer.

I'm in, though I'd have to get my hands on some more spelljammer stuff.

I call the melee expert that leads the boarding parties! Always wanted to be a pirate...

Lemme know when you get it set up! Definitely interested!

I would love to play. Own the original box set.

Awesome, so with the 4 of you that have posted so far, and the other player I have lined up, that's 5. Looks like we're good to go. I'll set up the game page, then start working on the campaign setting. should have everything ready to go in a week

Oh and the other player is a rock gnome scion, just so you guys have an idea of what else to round out the party


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