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Hi I'm new to play by post, and most rpgs I have played a little of sw saga and am hoping to get into a more fanasy type game. If anyone could teach me dnd or something like that, that would be great.


well best will be if you look at the games & ads section and see which one seems most compatible with you and then just ask if you may join.

Welcome Aboard, Mr Jack.
Like Sin said, find a game that interests you, be sure to let them know you're new, and you'll get along fine.
Here, have a cookie. You do like cookies, don't you?

Bah ... cookies ... you want Cake!!!! *

As the peeps above have said, go to the Game Ads, look for a game which appeals to you and let them know you're new to MW ... you'll find pretty much everyone from the GM down will give you a hand. Of course the HELP section is also brilliant, especially helpful are the bbcodes, which allow you to do "fancy" stuff in your posts, found here:


And of course the Dice Roller Help, found here:

Dice Roller

Good luck and don't be afraid to ask any questions


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