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Originally Posted by Malanthrax View Post
Diego Candia's backs for the Chromatic decks. Remember that poker decks have to have busy elements as even Bycycle printing can't print solid colors without mistakes on cards and so that's why we see such complex designs on many cards.

This is for the chromatic deck printed with chomatic colors-

I *love* these...Really awesome, detailed, unusual...Home run...Love them!

Originally Posted by Malanthrax View Post
Also thanks all for the feedback on the cards. We have changed what we could and left what we can't.
Here are some good mockups so far and REMEMBER the art on the faces is a placeholder.

Blue card...I like the biohazard logo MUCH more than the radiation logo...Looks nice. I like the gear too. Can you put something else inside the gear besides the gun? Or maybe nothing? Or how about more gears? Like have the teeth of the large gear on the inside, then have more meshed gears inside it.

Also, can you pick different suits besides hearts, clubs, spades, diamonds? Those seem way too familiar for a fantasy game. Pick 4 new suits, with cooler symbols. Like black skulls, black guns, red money (dollar signs), red blood (a drop)? Keep King and Queen, but replace Jack with something else.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I am heading out to a meeting for the game but I can answer one thing.
I WOULD LOVE to change the clubs, diamonds and so on but that negates a huge community of poker players who actually buy specialty cards. It was litteraly the only thing on a list called "DONT TOUCH!"

I agree though I would love to change them.

I will look at replacing the gun sadly the entire game hinges on guns, versus science, versus magic and removing the gun negates that a bit. But I will look to see if a bullet brush, or another gun style brush may fit.
Keep the comments coming everyone!
All those in this thread are getting a free deck if we succeed anyway.

Ok, if you have to keep the guns, I like the two alternating and opposing guns within the gear MUCH better than the previous style, where it was one gun and something else. The latest style is fine if you want to keep the guns.

If you have to keep hearts, clubs, spades, diamonds...I guess I would make them pointier, instead of the skewed curvy ones. Or maybe use tattoo style icons for the 4 suits, that would be cool.

Like a tattoo heart, sort of like this, minus the arrow and script...

Just trying to think of something different and stylized...

Back from the meeting!

The pips WILL be stylized if possible. Currently one of our artists is making the clubs as 3 intertwined gears as the club branches with the main truck being a nuclear explosion mushroom cloud. We will see what he does with that.

Malanthrax, that sounds cool.

Other question: I see on your website that if you contribute $50, you get a character portrait done? Can you elaborate on that? That sounds like a cool idea. The artwork you've shown looks great, $50 for a custom portrait done by that artist sounds like a bargain. What are the details with that?

Honestly its pretty much what it sounds like. You send us details of a character, with a race and role that you want represented, as well as what the character is doing in the picture(if you don't want them just standing there) and one of the artists will do a full picture of it that is equal to anything you see on the KickStarter.

One thing we have over almost all other KickStarters is that our Artists are literally dying to help us to succeed and have bought into us hook line and sinker. We are a huge family and they will put out to see the KickStarter succeed. I am constantly amazed how far they stretch to help us.

As promised, Diego gave us a test image for the Ace of clubs. I have asked for the old war film footage vertical lines to be removed from the gears.

Pure Awesome.
I love the clubs, and that psycho makes a perfect jack ass.
I googled Jack of clubs, and noticed that on other cards the dividing line goes the other way, and cuts out the useless arm just under the shoulder, similar to this maybe?
Edit: I'll edit your card to better illustrate what I mean. Give me one day. I'll see if I can actually make a deadline I set for myself, for once.

As for the back of the cards, I like the blue ones better, so I think it has less to do with style, and is more of an irrational attraction to the colour blue.
The chromatic backs just look wicked and scary. In a good way of course.

In 33 hours I'll start throwing a lot more ideas at you. I should try to write up a mature, sensible proposal, but it's more likely that I'll throw a 500+ word, unedited stream of consciousness at you.
Short version goes something like this. I "pledge" financial support, you take my money, give me the parts of my package that are already done, and I get the rest as it's finished. For example you could give us a play test version of the PDF, and some wallpapers etc, starting at $10-15, and we can download an updated version as it's available.
This way you get your money slower, but it has a better chance of snowballing.

Also remember, you have a larger starting fan base for the next time, if you do go down the KS path again.

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