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Looking for Writers and Mechanic Specialists

Looking for Writers and Mechanic Specialists


2032: Zombie Survival is a RPG set in the year 2032 and focuses on a group of gifted individuals trying to make it in a unique take on classic zombie survival.

The year is 2032 and Earth has been all but destroyed by ravening hordes of zombies and legions of paniced citizens in an event called "The Uprising." The surface of the planet is a desolate wasteland devoid of life and filled with all manner of terrors and toxins that make life for the everyday human all but possible. Yet, in all of this lifelessness there is a grim shimmer of hope.

In the final days of The Uprising, a benevolent corporation came forth with the answer to humanity's prayers. In a stunning display of man power and ingenious retasking, they built the Bio Domes; huge steel and glass structures the size of cities designed to keep toxins and RAC's (Reanimated Corpses) out and the salvagable elements of humanity in. This innovation, paired with the newly produced War Reaver Mobile Weapons Platform managed to halt the inexorable march of the RAC's and safeguard humanity for a time.

Many a citizen often asks if the price paid for survival was too high. The Bio Domes provide safety, but only from the terrors without. On the inside, humans face down the twin threats of starvation and violent crime almost daily, all while dealing with the now oppressive rule of GLADIUS. And somewhere in the dark of the Wastes, a new evil is emerging that threatens mankind's tenous way of life down to the last man, woman and child.

Looking For
The reason I am posting this is I am looking for two things. First, I am looking for one to two writers that want to work within this setting. Most of it is untouched and their is plenty of room for creativity. Second, I am looking for people experienced in game mechanics to help me balance all the numbers and abilities available to players. The mechanics are pretty much open to creativity as well but I have a more specific inclination for what I want to do with the system. These two sections are detailed more extensively below.

Format & Collaboration
Currently, I am working on the actual system for stats and character generation in a pdf format. Eventually, I would like to move to wikipedia but given my unfamiliarity with the coding, I'm avoid this for right now. Discussion will take place on a forum and established material will be kept in a thread with a master copy of the rules.

I think that this approach to zombie survival lends itself to several specific story paths that all utilize the same mechanics, but are incredibly different in setting and offer an array of plots to GM's.

•Bio Domes: This story path focuses mainly on the life of an everyday person in one of the 12 Bio Domes around the Earth. It highlights the human struggle in a confined area where millions of people who are not really policed are starving nearly to death and bubbling over with violence.

•Near Wastes: This story path focuses on the life of those who either venture out of the Bio Domes or maybe lived there from the start. Regardless, the adventurers in this story are about hardy everyday citizens who travel into the relatively close Wastes around Bio Domes looking for "riches" and supplies.

•Deep Wastes: This story path focuses on the life of those employed by Gladius. Whether they be soldiers, doctors, scientists, or even unlucky civilians these humans are the ones who confront the strangeness of the Wastes in their entirety. Born deep into enemy territory by the only remaining and functioning aircraft, these individuals will face the dreaded E-RAC's, hyper mutated zombies.

My vision for a character in this game ends up being something similar to D20 Modern. The players would start out with "broad" character templates that give them a basic set of skills. As they level up they can enter into various careers that provide them with more specialised (and useful) skill sets that will increase their survival chances.

Future Iterations:
I want this game to kind of evolve into different editions that progress the canon of the world by about 10 years at a time. Under great stress humans evolve and adapt like almost no other creature can and I intend for that to be reflected in the editions. Each addition will ultimately offer higher levels, but also alternative career options.

The goal here is generally to keep the mechanics as light as possible while allowing a great deal of customization. For instance, there are only 4 characteristics for characters. Attacking, damage, and defence are all taken care of in one roll. Characters are probably going to die a lot so I want to make it relatively easy to roll up a new one.

The system is D100 with skill tests utilizing DC's. Equipment, abilities, and classes augment each roll by small numbers so that the sum total ends up making the character quite potent.

If you are interested you can contact me either by PM or in this thread. I will answer any questions as helpfully as I can.

If you are trying to join on as a writer I will need a writing sample. If you are wanting to join as a mechanic specialist I will need an "application" of your experience with various systems. Anything else either position considers relevant would also be of use.

Minimum check in is once a week.

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