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Yet Another Newbie

Yet Another Newbie

Hey MW, I'm Nine.

I've only ever played a little bit of 4e as the DM, so my experience level is low...on the other hand, I've done plenty of non-rolling forum roleplaying so I'm not sure how strong my base is. I'd eventually like to DM for the most part, as I prefer to play the role of puppet-master (evil cackle here) - but I am realistic about my experience levels (they're probably insufficient).

Other than that... I am ridiculously creative (and often a little too ambitious). I can often be found creating characters or homebrew worlds for no real reason other than amusement. Normally I'm drawing, writing or browsing the internet, and I consider myself rather competent in all three regards.

I'm a nice person, I swear!

I think you are confused. This is Myth-Weavers. We are a we are a sewing and knitting community.

Cake will be served shortly and without a doubt someone will harvest your soul.

Welcome to The Weave.

That's okay, I can sew and knit too! I'll need more help than I would on roleplaying, though, unfortunately.

Humph! Well if roleplaying *rolls eyes* is your thing, you may want to check out the Wiki at the top of the page. It is full of good information for both new and veteran players. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask. There are always people willing to help and you normally get answers fairly quickly.

If you want to GM I would suggest being a player in a game or two first to get your feet wet and to get to know the site tools a bit.

I'll be sure to check it out and play in a few games before jumping into the deep end. Thanks Storm!

Welcome Nine, yah, go find a game and apply for it, mention to the peeps on there that you are new to MW, you'll find that 99% of peeps on here (Watch for that Vox -- he will try and steal your soul) are very helpful, whether they can knit or not

I can't, but we'll keep that a secret between you and I


Thank you NGP! I have to admit that I'm a little apprehensive about applying to games (since I'm not familiar with any systems but 4e) but I'll figure it out.

There are 4e games

If you start with those, you will also become more familiar with how MW works and that should give you the confidence to then apply for other games.

Most games (such as Pathfinder and 3.5) have an srd available which covers pretty much everything about the game, and once again the players and GM will be more then happy to help you

Good luck mate,


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