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Hello, and why not ZoidORE?

eh, even double 1's can get you success...if you roll more than 2 than you are even better's not so much of getting highs but just getting pairs, the "Hight" only matters when you are doing opposed things or when it is something very difficult.

The dice mods were made to allow for easier identification of pairs. It doesn't actually handle pairs, that's not possible within the scope of the current dice system, so we added a sort function allowing pleyrs to easily see pairs. The ORE players agreed that was best within what we could achieve.

EDIT: Though I just had an idea on how we could maybe help display the dice as pairs. Hm..., someone remind me in a week or so and I'll look into it.

will do Plugsy. It's nice to see that the admins care about us lowly players with our abstract and corner case systems.

Shhh ... don't complement the admins, it shows weakness ... though you can feed them cookies ...

/ignores the "Do not feed the Admins" sign ...


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