Teyan: Rise of a King

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Teyan: Rise of a King

Teyan: Rise of a King - Forum
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*warning* This game is mostly role play based and its battles will have more of a tactical feel than the usual hack & slash.

"If you are reading this, my friend, it means i am already dead, and the king will send you on a quest to settle in the new Teyan continent that was discovered.
Even as you know he does so just to get rid of you, follow his orders, for in this continent lies not only wealth and power, but secrets beyond imagination and the freedom to strike back when the time comes."

In this game, the characters are leaders of one of several settlements, kings and advisers, guild masters and royal knights, the ship that brought you to Teyan crashed and hence there's no return for a long while, a basic settlement was built and the nearest area around it explored, troops are scarce and resources lacking, but you will find a way and pursue your goal.

(Note that the quote above us just an example of a background story and you are free to make diferent ones.)

The game itself will have both research and exploration as house rules but its mostly going to be me dealing with those, kingdom/empire progression will likely be the part to concern the characters the most.

I have thought about using kingmaker rules but i wont be sure until i read the rules thoroughly as well as players opinions.

Post here any ideas, suggestions and applications here, so far i dont think there will be a true limit to the amount of characters there can be, stat/hp rolls and character sheets posts go HERE.

Game Description:

A high level campaign where players are kings or overlords in a newly discovered continent of the realm.
Characters now leading a small settlement, are tasked with not only improving the settlement but to explore the wilderness around it and expand as possible.
This game can have more than 1 party of characters and each group will have a different settlement on a different place of the continent.

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When you say Core Races, do you mean just the basic 7, or all the standard races available, i.e. Sult, Tieflings, Duergar, etc, as I've nearly finished my sheet, and I had chosen Aasimar as my race, something that was fairly central to my character concept, considering I chose quite a few racial feats.

i meant the standard 7, but yes you can use aasimar, also, i didnt know there were kamis in pathfinder and i highly aprove

Sweet, I'll get back to it, one Kodama monk comin' up.

They just added 4 more Kami and 2 more Oni to the lists on the SRD, which is super awesome. I like the fact that they're expanding the eastern mythological references. There's also Kirin, Foo creatures, Shinigami, Kappa and Yuki Onna floating around the bestiary (probably with a few more that i'm not remembering) section. Bestiary 3 was full of a lot of that, mostly because of Jade Regent and the Dragon Empire Gazeteer that hit about the same time. not that i'm complaining, I like me some eastern mythology.

Didn't know Kami were a playable race, that's for sure.

DrakeDarkstar, do you have any input on the issue I PM'd you regarding my prestige class?

i shall allow it for the power of the "rule of cool", it does seem there will have to be an "evil empire" group and a "good kingdom" group so to speak

I'm glad you are allowing it, since it's a central aspect of my character.

That said, what actual effects would it have? Have I gone the full way and became functionally immortal, and therefor gain one of the templates or something?

If you want, I can go through the existing templates, and come up with something reasonable that would fit nicely both narratively, and gameplay wise.

I think I might be changing it up a hair and going Eastern as a result, myself. My inspiration for a larger creature for Mammoth Rider is vanishing, so I'll be sure to make something appropriate. Mwahaha.

I would have to read further about it and I'm on my cellphone but no TRUE immorality will be allowed, on a side note cross has now officially made me curious.


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