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Posting links that include smiley syntax

Posting links that include smiley syntax

Is there a way to post links like [url=] without it changing the : D to a smiley? Sorry if it's obvious, I just can't seem to fix it myself...

Use lowercase d? I don't know if that will work, just a suggestion.

Edit: Dice Roller? Yeah, that seems to work.

There is no smiley...

You are using the url-tag syntax wrong; use either
[url=]Enter Link Text here[/url]

That will solve the issue (lowercase or uppercase doesn't matter).

The actual link I tried to post was [url=]dice roller instructions[\url] but when I edited the D to a d, it still didn't become a link.

Edit: trying again...
Enter Link Text here

Yours works but mine doesn't, yet they look identical to me barring the text between the tags. I feel like shedding a tear.

I just realised I used \url instead of /url
Thanks for helping me see my mistake. Sorry for wasting your time.

Not a waste of time if you've learned something and other members of the board know something new!

I for one now shall not make this mistake. So thank you!

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