Application - Robin Ludel

Application - Robin Ludel

Name : Robin Ludel
Race : Human
Class : Bard/Archaeologist

Brief Description : Robin is a tall, slightly built man that carries himself with purpose. He has light brown eyes and wears his dark brown hair is short. He has a quick wit, and is always willing to bet his life on the long odds daring oblivion to call his bluff. Despite this he gets by more on luck than pure skill, though that rarely stops him from pushing his body and skills to the limit.

Brief History : Robin is an Andoran native and it shows what with his distaste for slavery and tyranny. He was born to two unassuming bakers, and he quickly outgrew that life and yearned to explore the unknown. He signed on to an expedition aiming to explore and loot an old ruin located in Varisia. On the way he became fast friends with a young priest of Desna, and they promised to split any profits they made. However, the ruins were already inhabited by the undead, in his panic he froze and the priest was forced to go out of his way to protect him ultimately leading to his death. This incident inspired his personal motto "The best action you can take is the right action, the next best is the wrong action, and the worst thing you can do is to do nothing at all."
He has recently found himself near Sandpoint and has decided to partake in the Swallowtail festival in honor of his long departed friend.

Scholar of the Ancients Trait
Despite his young age, Robin has spent many hours pouring over long forgotten books greedily devouring the information within. In his study he has learned quite a bit about the ancient Thassilonians and has picked up a bit of their language.

Equality for All Trait
As a native of Andoran and a fairly brash young man besides, Robin is unfazed by larger opponents. After all the bigger they are...

Tell Me Something :
(Give me a feel for your character. A feel for how you will interact with others. An essay about their goals. An idea of what occurrences impelled them to become 'an adventurer' or whatever. Quantity is not a substitution for Quality)

Examples: Pick somewhere between two and five of these, or if you think of something else you'd rather tell so long as it's something I can get a feel of your character's style.

Write about one significant person in your character's past.

In his hometown, there was an old bartender who Robin used to run errands for as a small lad. In return the bartender gave him a bit of copper and would tell him a story from his old adventuring days with tales of dragons, ancient crypts, liches, and untold riches filled the young boys head. He long ago learned that the bartender was just humoring him with his wild tales, but the mental image of a life of adventure is still just as potent.

Even if your character is not a religious class, what is their attitude towards religion?

Robin doesn't consider himself a follower of any one god, though if pressed he will admit that he most equates himself with Desna.

What does your character do between adventures?

When not reading up on ancient tomes, Robin often finds himself partaking in a bit of gambling at local inns and taverns.

Your character has some favorite item, a talisman of their past. A book of psalms given to them by their mother. An old knife that grampa joe taught you to whittle with. The odd knick-knack you found as a teen that has always been your good luck charm. Tell me about it.

On a rope around his neck is his lucky charm, the first copper piece that he ever earned. While playing in the woods when he was young he was hit straight in the chest by a hunter's stray arrow. The coin managed to stop the arrow, knocking him out of the tree he was climbing but saving his life. The relieved hunter told him he should keep hold of that coin since it was clearly lucky. Since that incident he hasn't let the coin out of his sight and in return it has miraculously saved his life multiple times and is covered in the pits and scratches to prove it.

Extra Credit : Answer These Questions in Brief (One or two lines at most)
What is your character's favorite food? Roast Pike
Where do they get their clothing cleaned? Robin normally begins the day using prestidigitation to clean himself and his clothes.
Name One Guilty Pleasure. Puns, not delivering them, but he personally finds them hilarious.
Is your character allergic to anything? Robin used to be allergic to nuts though he outgrew it in his early teens.
When was the last time your character laughed? The previous night when he realized that one of his favorite old tomes contained a truly groan-worthy pun in the title.
Bacon: (Pick One)
- Foul Flesh of an Unclean Beast!
- Ooh, so greasy, you already have trouble getting the armor fastened, don't you?
- Proof that the Gods really love us!

Just because I'm going to comment to everyone once; your application is very nicely done.

More isn't always better, and I appreciate someone who can edit themselves. I have trouble on my own with that subject, but the GM is allowed to run on at the mouth.

Well, when you told me exactly how you deal with evil/sociopathic characters I figured it would be better to scrap it and start over. Partially because I realized that it's easier to play an evil character at a table since your backstory/alignment can remain hidden from other characters, and partially since I really didn't do enough research on the appropriate mental disorders and merely stuck with clichés. I've put him on the back-burner and intend to rework everything until I am personally satisfied with the character for the next game I join IRL.

Added a character sheet to the game, linked above and here.

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