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Joined OD&D PbP game. Are there older OD&D, 1st ed, or 2e for Reader?

Joined OD&D PbP game. Are there older OD&D, 1st ed, or 2e for Reader?

Hi. I recently joined my first PbP game on here. It is in the Original D&D system, and it was the leading (only) ad in the OD&D section on here when I started looking at Game Ads on MW.

My question:
Are there any older PbP games on here of the systems OD&D, 1st edition AD&D, or 2e AD&D? How do you find these systems on MW? I see the sub-section under Game Ads and SubWeave for OD&D, but I do not see a section like that for 1st or 2nd edition AD&D. (There is 3rd, 3.5, and 4th edition, but I am looking for the earlier old school systems before 3.0). Yet I heard on the Old School thread, people saying that 2e games are popular on here and the game fills quickly. This leads to my question, what are some of the AD&D games that are going currently or in the past on MW, where I can become a Reader? Maybe there is a section I missed for closed-ads / games in progress, sorted by system to show AD&D?

Thanks for any tips on this

At the bottom of the Games & Ads list, there's an extra search tool that lists off all the PnP Game types, selecting Dungeons and Dragons (ADnD) and clicking search results in the above link. You can use this to get a list of all games ever run in the category. If a game is actually recruiting it would show up in the main Games & Ads section, the fact that there are none in there pretty much means that none are currently looking for players. It also looks like ADnD isn't that active on here.

Gold if you post this in the Players of older editions thread I am sure DM's would be happy to send you an invite to read. I am running I6 Dwellers of the Forbidden City using the Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Characters rules, a 1e Clone. But there are several pure 2e games that have just started up.

By comparison to newer editions there aren't many but we were down to single digits of both types of games a few months back so I am pretty pleased with the number we have now.

Seems like this would be better served by talking in Game Discussion, or maybe Game Planning, or pretty much any forum where the moderators aren't subscribed to get an email every time a thread is updated.

- Logain

Gold, I sent you invitations to both of the 2E games I'm currently running - Night Below; Rod of Seven Parts

Q: How can one find games of a particular system ?

A: There are two ways:
  1. The system handles on the left side of the Games & Ads forum can be used to list all current / open advertisements for a particular system.
  2. At the bottom of the Games & Ads forum is the game search mask; using that, one can search for specific games or all games of a particular system (with the option of further specifying things, eg. setting or state).

And that's the end of this thread in Site Discussion.

However, to discuss (A/O)D&D, feel free to create a thread in Gaming Discussion.

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