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Motion comic - Brothers

Originally Posted by Kaitou Kage View Post
Voice acting, huh? I've wanted to try it so I might throw a file at you guys.
Hows it going Kaitou, looking forward to it..

Received some great auditions already, there's a preview on the facebook page of... a girl! A rare entry amongst all the men?

Just a reminder, liking/sharing is greatly appreciated, receiving more and more great comments from all around the world! Sadly, it's only in private messages, hoping to get some more interactivity on the FBpages

If anyone has tips.. Feel free!

I have a quick question, do we read the lines as if we're reading an audio book, or is there some other way you would like it read?

I'm not sure how you mean this.. I'm currently working on storyboards for the artists together with a script , basically it's a 'per scene' piece of text.

I'm not sure if this answers your question, if you have any tips how to approach this.. feel free!

Rereading it, I believe I answered my own question.

Do send in your entry before thursday if you can.. I'm still looking for another 'Jhared' voice so I can choose.

Hi all followers/ trusty readers.

It's been silent a bit, mostly due to having a few other (non-graphical/storytelling) tasks related to this project.

Rest is due to finalizing the storyboard, and putting the artists to work.. ;-)

What can you expect in the coming week:
- Voice actor polls: I've made a final group pick, but I'm wanting to let YOU choose!
- Drawings: I've already got a few in stock.. Some sweet stuff.. ;-)
- More stories: There is still much to be told!
- Trailer: A trailer that gives the feel of the comic.. More info soon!

Hope you keep a eye on this page! Feel free to give your opinions!

As of now, I've already uploaded some stuff... First voice acting preview today around 13.00(+1gmt)!

A poll is up on the facebook (

Vote for your favorite voice.. I've already picked the voice for Jhared, all can be heard on the FB page :-)


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