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Best Elemental School

Best Elemental School

I'm currently creating a pathfinder character and am pretty intrigued by the elemental schools. I'm thinking of going Air, because fly at will is a completely supreme power, and, though grease is a pretty bad loss, as are some other spells, Earth is in my opinion a weaker school.

What are your opinions on this matter? Is my view wrong?

If there were an Ice one that comment would be viable.

Originally Posted by Solo View Post
Ice is the coolest.
terrible pun it terrible.

That said, I hear Fire's kinda hot right now.

Wind gives control Weather and make Hurricanes, Water gives you the ability to creature Tidal Waves, Fire lets you burn down entire towns and Earth lets you make Earth Quakes (Which can lead to tidal waves if the Earth Quake is under water and your DM likes to follow Real World stuff in game).

Pick your natural disaster and roll with it.


the only problem I currently find is the fact that the air spells are somewhat suckish, but if I could convince the DM to let me use any spell with the electricity descriptor it would be better.

I'm with you on this. I have an Elemental Sorcerer in a setting where it is very expected to face fire elementals.

It was - resist 10 fire at 3rd good vs baddies immune / resistant to lots of my fire spells bad.
Whereas air (I love the idea of lots of electricity) would be resist 10 electricity fairly worthless vs my electric spells do damage good.

I was already planning to really have Magic Missile (Magic Adept, School Focus, Spell Focus - MM) be my bread and butter. So went with fire for resistance. And at mid to high levels being able to pass on fire resistance spells to myself and my allies.

Basically, offensively air seemed better, while fire seemed better defensively. In the setting my character will be in. Though - perhaps for most settings. Seems fire is what you get hit with mostly... on average. And a lot of stuff has fire resistance... well, maybe that's not true. It does extra damage to undead and such... hmm.

Non-mechanics wise I like having a character who loves the sun and fire (Sarenrae) in a desert setting. It sort of spoke to me flavor-wise. (Though again, doing little "shocks" and such flavor-wise seemed cool.)

One last thing - the fly - isn't until very high levels.

I honestly didn't give much thought or look at the other two.

Element choice is circumstantial to whats in the campaign, just like everything else.

That being said, fire is an incredibly common resistance, but you also get a resistance to one of the most common elements. IMO, if you want to be an elemental caster, sorcerer might be better suited to you. The school specializations (and their sub-specializations) are just plain better.

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