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New Player, getting into Pathfinder

New Player, getting into Pathfinder

I'm a new player, new to these kinds of RPGs. The closest I've gotten to Pen and Paper RPG's is playing games based off of D&D rules, such as Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, and Neverwinter Nights.

Anyways, have been looking to get into my first game here on MW, and have already joined a game. I would like some judgement on my character though, seeing if I got things right or not.

Wondering to see if I understand this properly and have the right spirit for this.

Welcome to the weave.

You might want to post you character critique requests in Gaming Discussion.

Hi Hasonish,

Grats on getting into a game. The best place to check first is with the GM of the game and the players in that game who may have suggestions for you. Pathfinder is a great system and there are normally up to a half-dozen going at any one time.

Also, don't be bashful in applying for more then one game at a time, most peeps on here are involved in three or more games at anytime with some idiots in over 10 at a time ...

Good luck and welcome to MW,


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