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Editions and parties

Editions and parties

Note: this is a total joke, made purely as a humorous statement. Nothing about this represents anything IRL.

Well, as you know, the elections are coming up, and you'll have to make a very important decision: 4th edition or 3rd edition. Let's see how the candidates stack up on the issues:
Programs to help the underprivileged: 4th edition goes a long way to evening the playing field for everyone. 3.5 doesn't reward bad decisions and says that everyone is entitled to their power, and that it shouldn't be shared. 4th edition's policies have been criticized for being too socialistic over the past 4 years, however, the wizard-centric approach from the previous 3.5 administration have been a topic of fervent discussion as well.
The (action) Economy: 4th edition provides a rigid structure, closing loopholes and presenting hard and fast rules. 3.5 prefers a more open and varied type that rewards risk taking.
3rd Party Policy: 3.5 had overwhelming support from overseas games after they passed the Open Gaming License Act. 4th has preferred to close some trading routes, repealing the OGLA and enacting the GLSA, or Game System License Act.
Immigration: The OGLA provided loosened rules for immigration, but the support for other nations (settings) from 4e's "Everything is Core" Act, or EiCA has provided immigrants new job and education possibilities.
Reproductive Rights: The rolling system from 3.5 caused a lot of trouble, but the point buy system of 4e's administration is considered immoral from supporters of the Older Editions.
Racial Equality: Humans were favored in 3.5, and many races were obviously discriminated against. 4e has much fairer racial policies.
If you have any more suggestions, go ahead and say 'em.

And probably isn't cut out for Worldly Talk in the first place.

Yeah, I was debating this and gaming discussion. I originally thought I'd put more politicts in, it it ended up being ore D&D centric. The mods might want to move it.

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