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Need Help Customizing Sci Fi Dungeon

Need Help Customizing Sci Fi Dungeon

I wanted to start by saying that I have fleshed out a nifty idea for Deathwatch/Dark Heresy Dungeon Crawl but my limited experience of the knowledge and slang of termanology leaves me a little set back when I want to flesh more of the dungeon out. I have fleshed out at least 25 of the rooms so far, in a basic structure not naming them or adding anything in them that might be part of the mystic and flair of the experience. I will be honest in saying that these rooms are all part of a mind bending puzzle that the players have to overcome. They have to overcome most of these encounters, challenges and scenarios with the use of the dice. Now I was going to ask if I could get help from anyone that has any experience with Science Fiction. I think general space fiction terms will work and do not necessarily have to coincide with dark heresy game system or mechanics but would be helpful. Listed below is some rooms that I have and I will need about 25 total to water down the already hard dungeon as it is. Any help is appreciated and needed.

Are you looking for room feel or hard descriptions. If your looking for feel, I would recommend any of the sci-fi shows or movies. The way the walls look and the way the rooms are shown gives a good idea of how they would look. Mix and match images if you want. Like your cargo/shuttle bay, Star Wars shows several images of these areas just ignore the troopers in the image and you can get a clear image of what your looking at. Take a map of sewers for your catacomb level, just describe it with rusty pipes and dry decking instead of stone walls and water filled corridors.

Here is what I have and thanks for replying and helping. I have 36 rooms fleshed out and was thinking of a total of fifty rooms. Hazards, conditions and special effects have been fleshed out and what I lack is solid names of rooms. I think I could fill in the descriptions but really don't know if there is anything else to add. I have fleshed the above with some detail and also the twenty five other rooms with detail but maybe I should start with these rooms. The thing is the dungeon is going to be completely random using a percentile die. On each level is about 15 rooms. for a total of 3 levels. The third level without having to spoil the game is predominantly smaller in comparison but is mind bending in its natural state. I dunno, although I do now have a structure and now I can randomize encounters for the Fortress. How many would you include and how often would you roll on the encounter chart if the place is already tough as it is?

ah that..
depending on what the dungeon is, a city, a space station, an actual dungeon. Your sci-fi games allow broader range when it comes to what is considered a dungeon.
Rolling encounters, depends on two things, 1. are the players actively sneaking about. Security cameras make encounters a lot more often. 2. Are they in control of those cameras. Knowing where your enemies are, allows you to avoid them.
Random encounters will strongly depend on the two items above. If they control the cameras you can drop in several encounters for the players to watch but not bother attacking. If they do not, then having a random encounter chance every fight increases, having just a normal random encounter should be based on how deep your into the dungeon and how badly the players have handled the past encounters.
the group fought the first encounter and did not set off alarms, killing everyone before the alarm was sounded, roll when around large population areas, mess hall, baracks, things people would be around quite a bit. If the alarms have gone off, roll every ten minutes game time.

It's called a Cloister. A large Fortress/Space Station upon a asteroid rock. The Cloister has a geller field to avoid space debris being flung at it but the Player Characters will transport using personal teleportation. I have a room with the cameras but I have figured the intelligence of the encounters will primarily be low. Meaning any human there will probably be a space marine or chaos cultist. The majority of the monster encounters will be daemonic or xeno/alien. The fortress has three levels so far with fifteen rooms in each except the third. I could write in a mess hall but already have the barracks fleshed out. Mind if I use the mess hall. Maybe a place where they gather their thoughts a moment of relative peace if you will.

A mess hall if your humans get out of their armor at all. this can also make for more interesting encounters, a group of marines both in and out of armor. All your military/religious areas will be watched and guarded. Its common sense, you want to know what your people are doing. You might also have a computer running the security. Issuing an alert if someone appears in the wrong area. This can be both normal marines and daemonic or even the aliens coming to check on the alert. This could be good for the pc's as several groups getting together might fight each other, while it can be bad if their all on the same side.

Oh Silverthorne, this place was taken over by a thrice bound daemon that was released and manifested a greater evil within the centuries that the place was left for good and lay dormant for centuries. Any player first establishing contact within this place must first re take the environment and re-establish communications and online power supplies. The place is infested with monstrous encounters of which I have a little work to do.

ah.. thanks for clarifying.. never played dark heresy. ok.. makes thing easier. your going to have points where the demons are more densely packed, the place he was released, the areas that have strong magical auras.

your doing this on the board or face to face, on the board, I would judge by how fast the players are moving through the dungeon, very rapidly, then do random encounters after all the players have posted. If your running a face to face game, I would start off with every ten minutes real time, excluding fights. This will help keep the players focused on the game and not discussions.

Sounds like a cool game Dramacydle. I think using as much of the "40k Latin" as you can will help in making the setting feel more familiar to those accustomed to it. With that in mind, I'll try to drop a few ideas for you. Apologies if this isn't what you're looking for.

First though, a little clarification on the geller field: the geller field isn't used to protect the ship/station/etc in real space, for that you would employ void shields. The geller field is employed when the ship translates to the warp by putting up a bubble of "real space" around the ship to keep the demons and other denizens of the warp at bay. It offers no protection from debris, etc. So, maybe your players will eventually have to take down the void shields from the inside to allow for a better assault from space vessels. I suppose the geller field could be in use to keep the demon trapped in the cloister since it cuts off the warp.

Any cloister is bound to have a "reclusiam", which is the room in which the inhabitants (Space Marines, sisters, etc) display their relics and gather for ceremonies.

More than likely there would be an "enginarium", or engine room.

There would likely be training areas, or "gymnasia", for sparring, weapon practice ranges, etc.

You have to have an armory, because in the 41st millenium, there is only war.

Your sick would be tended to in the medical department, or "apothecarion".

The "scriptorium" would be akin to a library.

Some warp-twisted cherubim might be cool to employ from their cherubim eyrie.

Cameras could be replaced by servo-skulls.

The stations auspex arrays and other sensors would be centralized in the "Sensorium".

Your dining areas and kitchens would be part of the "refectory".

The station is likely to have several shrines or chapels dedicated to Imperial saints scattered about. If it was formerly a holding of a Space Marine chapter it would likely have a main shrine dedicated to the chapter's primarch and lesser shrines dedicated to chapter heroes.

A minor station formerly belonging to the Adeptus Sororitas would be a Sanctorum. Not sure if that could apply to any other Ecclesiarchy holding but I don't see why not.

Rather than a barracks, there might be a "rectory" for ecclesiarchy priests, frater militia, etc; there might be a convent for female orders.

Anyway, I hope this helps a bit. I have to hit the sack now I'll check back tomorrow evening.

Cameras could be replaced by servo-skulls.
Not that I know anything but warhammer, but don't only space marines use servo skulls?


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