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I forgot how quick the little bastards are with their Improved Initiative, I only managed to out-initiative the one with the pan.

For a bit of clarification, is there another hot pan near the goblin frycook? If not, how much damage do you suppose one of those burning coals would deal? I'm trying to get creative with mage hand in a way that would let me move in front of the girl (i.e. between her and the goblins) and [possibly] hurt the goblin frycook at the same time. I would do the whole 'draw weapon as a free action as part of movement', but I lack the required +1 BAB to do so, so the most I could do in that regard would be an armed barrier. Though, also in the vein of creativity, I might be able to effectively utilize some ghost sound here.

Goblins are fast, sneaky and stupid.

And they have the attention span of a brain damaged goldfish.

Moving up on them means they get to attack you as you come in if they won initiative on you. Do you feel lucky?

There's a whole mess of pots and pans. Go with what works. The goblin filled his pan with oil first and dumped it on the girl as he set her on fire. But you have hot water for dishes boiling or something like that. Not to mention cutting knives, cleavers, ladles, forks, bowls, soap and a bowl of stew.


Don't make up something that really does not fit the scene, but within reason you can have what you want.

Burning coals won't do much damage. They are gonna panic the crowd, but it's just a lump of coal bouncing off someone.

More specifically, I'd try to remain out of their immediate threatened area. I figured the woman on fire was a bit farther back than that. I was thinking of mage hand'ing a scalding frying pan and whanging (by which I mean propelling at, as per the spell) the goblin frycook with it. That would have to hurt. :I

Additionally, NEAT. =D

Just a question GM. I know you warned us about the fight and that we would need our gear to take part. I still want to check with you though. Since Alleana stays in the town (though we need to establish where) she would have had no reason to take her armour and weapons with her unless she had some reason. She isn't a hardbitten adventuress that is never separated from her weapons. If you're willing to assume that she did bring them anyway then thats fine, otherwise she has to run home to fetch them which may well mean she isn't in a position to help.

As to the stripping! Well, you did say 'those modest may wear a shirt' Alleana is a litle naive and impuslive. She saw everyone else remove their shirt and saw the mud, so she did too, not really considering the effect. Of course she realised when the whoops and offers of companionship started, and she then transformed into the rare elven subspecies known as the 'Bright Crimson Elf' but by then she was halfway up a greased flagpole so had to make the best of it

Haha, 'bright crimson elf', that's awesome.

I can already tell that this is going to be an awesome game.

Alleana can have a place in town. Pick an un-numbered building and turn it into apartments or your own small house if you want. Can even be conveniently close at hand if you want.

While it may be unlikely that she was wearing her full kit, carrying a knife or small sword around would not be out of the question. If she did not bring her own bow for participating in the archery contests, she can probably find one near the sawmill where someone else had brought theirs and set it aside for dancing or something.

Ah yes, the Bright Crimson Elf. Noshu has also revealed to be a half-elf this bloodline after consuming excesses of alcohol. However, unlike the normal people of this subspecies, she has struck out on her own, in a world that fears and distrusts her, for who could guess that like the normal breed she tends towards a good alignment, but unlike them she has vehemently different views on taxation and foreign policy. Views that mean she can never return to the homeland of the crimson elves...

Originally Posted by Iolaum View Post
[*]Move action: Withdraw dagger from boot seath. (Boot seath is like a wrist seath statwise but hidden within his boot)
No problem with owning a boot sheath. It is not at all like the Wrist Sheath. The link you use is an item that has a spring that gives you a weapon or even one pound of ammunition with the twitch of a wrist. We have all seen this sort of thing in movies and it is easily understandable.

But in a boot, you still have to reach down and get the thing. It can't be delivered to the palm of your hand. Your knee maybe, but not your palm. Without the BAB it is still a move action to draw a weapon.
Originally Posted by Iolaum View Post
[*]Free Action: 5 foot step towards the goblins.
You do not get the 'free five foot step' in combination with any other movement type activity. Since your move equivalent action is negated, you can have the free five foot step if you still want it.

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