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D&D online

D&D online

Just decided to reinstall the game, as I'm currently unable to play games off discs.

Have you guys ever played it? What did you think of it? And would anyone like to start a new 1st level character with me?

It's a good game, but it really makes you want to play some good tabletop. I still have it, but I haven't gotten around to playing in a while. I enjoyed that most features of the game could be unlocked without spending money, but I also didn't like the excessive time needed for each.

game is alright, with provisions. The crafting system that they implemented is terrible. The world you knew when you started the game back when, is completely changed.

Well, that means I just can try something new.

I heard about the new system. If I had money to spare, I'd buy warforged and artificer, but now I'll just have to save money.

And about the third question? Parties are always more fun.

I've a Level 9 arti on Ghallanda. I played a lot up to the most recent expansion, then most of the folks I was with used that blasted "stone of experience" to jump up to Level 16. I rather lost interest after that.

You can solo fairly well, but yes, parties are always more fun.

I wonder whether it's a good idea to farm for turbine points to get either warforged or artificer.

You'll be at it for a while, and it depends in large part what you want to play.

I don't think warforged are worth the aggravation. Artificer? Maybe ... but it's a boatload faster to simply pony up the $15 (or whatever they cost) and be done with it. Plus you'll have some TP remaining on your account for whatever else may pop up down the road.

I dunno. I played for awhile, a few years ago. I liked playing warforged characters. They make good tanks. But I haven't played in a long time.

I did a lot of research on MMOs when my friends wanted to form a guild. Everything fell apart when 1 friends computer crashed, another friend didn't meet system requirements, and I couldn't play the MMO I wanted to play because I don't have a Windows OS.

In the end, we compared stats, options, support, gaming community, visual appeal, and affordability.

At the top of our lists were:
  1. Atlantica Online
  2. Rift
  3. World of Warcraft

DDO was in the second set of three in our list, because the playthrough videos we got to watch seemed dry and monotonous. The graphics were okay, but not top tier, and race/class options weren't as varied as we'd hoped. The combat seemed repetitive and unoriginal. I hope I'm wrong about that... and I guess I'll never know, because the guild fell apart before we even started. At any rate. If it turns out that DDO rocks, I might be interested in joining you, because I like the system more than all the other ones... though Atlantica did seem really cool too.

Well, in my opinion DDO is pretty cool. I haven't played a fighter or something yet, only wizard, rogue, and artificer, and they all are pretty awesome.


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