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In post 3.5 character sheet template

In post 3.5 character sheet template

I'm being asked to make a character for a 3.5 game, but not use the built in sheets because of the GM wanting extra space for details, links and discussions.

Does anyone have a phpb character sheet template I could use for that? I could make my own but I'm rather busy and really don't have the time to do and have it look good, and I don't want to make a quick ugly hack to save time.
The sheet does not need to do any calculations for you. Just have entries for everything relevant.

If anyone has such a thing, can you please post it here so I can copy it?



I've had to make similar things in the past, albeit not for vanilla DnD so my 'templates' would be less than useful.

However, I'll say that in my experience, "entries for everything relevant" is highly dependent on the character: stealthy scouts would need separate fields or spoilers for their stealth and perception option, whereas a Warblade who prefers to indiscriminately
To the tune of "Malcolm" by the Arrogant Worms
solve his problems with a greatsword and never have the same problem twice would have no use for that, but instead may need a whole table devoted to his various maneuvers.

The main prolblem is all the fiddly bits that need formatting to not look a mess, like the stats, modifiers, saves, skills etc etc. A template would save me a lot of work and I can edit the headings to get rid of the stealth and perception options and enter the ones I need.

I'm a bit surprised that the DM doesn't have something offered as a generic form to copy/paste. How about the other players in the game, can you copy them?

The only templates I have are for a different system that I have stolen borrowed from others with permission. Sorry I can't be any more help.

At first I was like "God, don't you know how to use google? Here, let me google that for you." Then, 30 minutes later I still had nothing, so let me extend an apology to you for the snide comments I was thinking but thankfully didn't post until I'd checked for myself. In the hopes you'll forgive me, apparently hero labs has a plain text output of its sheets.

Edit: This is kind of ugly, but maybe a good place to start. From Here.

Taken from the Crossroads Inn, before it switched to using the sheets MW sheet developers spend their time working on.

Credits go to the original creator(s) of the following bbcode monster.
(And, should anyone include *shudder* private tags in that beast, he shouldn't screw it up !)

Holy... I think I am going to steal that and put it away for later if I ever need it.

And on behalf of the moderators I would warn anyone who puts private tags in that to go through it with a fine tooth comb.. Otherwise you might find a knock on your door and then suddenly find yourself being hit with an entire tree.

Thank you for finding that Whisper!

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