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Site Outage: Thanks

Site Outage: Thanks

Hey, I know you guys run the site for free, and I know outages are frustrating, but I wanted to say that I appreciated there being a way to find out that the site was down- the twitter feed and facebook page came up on a google search, and I appreciated you keeping us in the loop rather than just wondering.

You folks run a great site, and I appreciate it.

- Matt (aka Logain)

Bump for Myth-weavers being awesome. Only been on here a couple weeks, but I am amazed at what this site has to offer in spite of the fact that it is totally free.

Originally Posted by L0g41n View Post
, and I know outages are frustrating,
I can assure you some of the staff were equally frustrated. We didn't really have much more idea than you guys beyond Amazons status page saying that they were experiencing "degraded performance for a small number of EBS volumes".

Degraded... whaaat, that's a monumental understatement. For anyone who was under a rock at the time here's a bit more info ...

I work for a company that builds websites for smaller, third-party businesses and apparently all of our sites are hosted via Amazon. I thought, "Hey, might as well take this opportunity, since I can't be productive, to check out Myth-Weavers. Oh, right. Well, surely I can type out some notes on Obsidian Portal. Ah... well, this whole afternoon is shot."

I will say that at my place of employment, we are having some residual issues due, I believe, to Amazon's outage. Hopefully MW won't suffer any of the same difficulties.

No residual difficulties, luckily, but it is making me think about better ways to get the word out, and how we might be able to redirect traffic when the site is down. It's more sysadmin stuff than I ever thought I'd get into, but it is what it is.

Originally Posted by L0g41n View Post
...the twitter feed and facebook page came up on a google search
For those who are not aware of these.

Myth-Weavers on Twitter

Myth-Weavers on Facebook

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