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Yet another n00b:)

Yet another n00b:)

Hello folks,

For what it's worth, I'm really only a n00b here - I've been roleplaying for years

I've never tried online games, but I'm a student at the moment so have a certain amount of free time... ahem. Anyway, I play with a local group - we usually do World of Darkness stuff, though also play some indie things from time-to-time. Basically anything that favours narrative and character development over stats and min-maxing. That's the sort of thing that I'm looking for here too


Welcome to the weave.

WoD is a resonably common system in this corner of the intertubes so you shouldn't have much trouble finding games.

Hey Terry,

Welcome to MW. As Plugsy has suggested, go to Games Ads and check out if there are any WoD games going. If there are, when you apply let the GM know you are new to MW so they can help you out (the players as well are normally very helpful). Don't be bashful in asking questions as that gives the Alphas a chance to show how good they are ... LOL

Once again, welcome and good luck,


Thanks, I'll check the games listing once I get a feel for the site

Hello and welcome.

A student with free time?????

Shouldn't you be studying.

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