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Password reset not working?

Password reset not working?

hey one of my players cant seem to get his passport reset, can an admin look into ddark and see what the problem is and PM me please.

That's not enough information to work out what the problem might be.

I have reset the password and emailed it to the user. If the problem is their email address then they'll need to contact us directly. Giving out passwords for one user to pass along to another user would be bad practice.

EDIT: If the user hasn't seen the new password I sent they should check their spam box.

Depending on how the mail was sent it may be blocked at our end, because of recent changes to our mail system. LEt us know if he gets it.

he never got it, havent check if he got the new ones

I tested password reset emails, they are working fine so far as I can tell. I don't have a ton of email addresses to try from, but those I did got the message almost instantly.

well a while ago I had this issue aswell, I had to get it reset by contacting you guys, 6 months or so.

Also a hotmail account - their spam filter could be knocking our mail out. Yahoo is a known issue

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