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Hello, New to play-by-post and fairly new to DnD

Hello, New to play-by-post and fairly new to DnD


I'm new to Play-by-post and fairly new to DnD. I've played two sessions of 3.5 before our group broke up due to people not showing up and played an intro at PAX Prime this year. I got a Red Box and created a character, but have no group to play with. Want to start and learn to play. I have also own and play the Castle Ravenloft board game, but I want to play and with a character through a campaign or something regular. I used to generally play fighters cause it was an easy role but trying to play a wizard and learn to use magic. I'm not very good at the role-playing aspect and creating back story for my character but trying.

Click games at the top and jump into the fray!


Ravenloft is awesome, definitely worth playing if you get the chance! I have to say that I agree with you about playing fighters, I like the idea of casters but the huge number of spells is off-putting :S


Hey shaffdog52,

Not a lot of Ravenloft games on here (and when there is, they are crazy competitive to get into -- you will need an awesome background )

The best way to start is (like Zelkon has suggested) clicko n Games at the top of the page and look at the 3.5 games (as you are familiar with that system) -- that and there are normally lots of 3.5 games going.

Let the GM know you are new to MW and they will look after you (as will the other players as pretty much everyone on here is friendly and helpful).

Good luck and welcome to MW,


... indeed !!!!

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