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Free roam city.

While reading the premise, I envisioned the GM getting overwhelmed at keeping up with 20+ threads. You would definitely want no less than 10 co-GMs, or maybe 1 co-GM per 3 players while you give the basic layout to the co-GM's and answer their questions about how something specific should be handled. And of course as main GM you'd have your own 3 players you'd shadow. The problem with that would be 2 GM's shadowing 2 players who are interacting and something battle-esque goes down.

battles would be another issue, as a 5 minute battle (if 1 day = 1 hour or so) would last 14 or so in-game hours. And if a day was a minute, you'd have to wait a month before posting again if you were walking across the city to the tavern, or half a year if you were going to sit and drink for a few hours. It would be best to ignore time in such a setting as different threads would move at different paces.

Originally Posted by Will Caleb View Post
Neat idea.

I was thinking how a map would be tedious to do, but very helpful. Then thought - you might put grid coordinates next to each location so people could have a quick idea of where they are. Comparative to other locations. There are some cities where the streets are numbered - like Main running East to West through the middle of town, then North 1st, North 2nd, and so on. Cross Streets could be "Cross" running North to South in the middle of the city (intersects in the middle of Main) and then West 1st, West 2nd, and so on. And so Blacksmith could simply have a N8W8 in front or behind it. Large locations could be N1-3W4-6. Or something to that effect. Just a thought. Feel free to ignore or use in some completely different format.
In one of my games, I have the grid lettered on the side and numbered on the bottom and everyone just naturally began defining their position using the grid without me even prompting it.

Drawn to scale, a city could legitimately be labeled in a similar way with a legend that can state who's in what location/area.

This is reallly not a bad idea. The main issue, as stated in the first post, would be with handling time. What I myself would do would be to 'timestamp' the GM posts for each particular player, so that you'll always have a handle on the approximate times within a location.

This way, if two players happen to be doing a scene at the Dragon's Tooth Tavern, you would know whether they are actually there at the same time or not, making it easily apparent if it would be possible for them to interact or cross paths.


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