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Systems for Arthurian Fantasy?

I used to play Rolemaster about 20+ years ago, and it was great (though a little maths heavy for peeps who don't like that sort of thing). It was a very good system and as Shorikid stated allows for minute details.

I believe they have just re-released a Rolemaster, so it may be worth looking into some reviews of it ...

The original version had Open-Ended rolls (so a 96-00 roll allowed you to reroll another die 100 and add the result, another 96-00 giving you another, etc) ...

My highest roll ever ?? 486 at level 1, firing a random arrow into a cornfield at a level 8 assassin sent after us (the DM was going to have him bother us not directly, but by hiring lackeys and mercenaries to do his work) with another OE crit of nearly 200 ... killed him in one shot, got 4 levels of XP ...

... best shot ever. It is a game though where a single attack can kill almost anything ... or the original was

Originally Posted by Olligarchy View Post
FATE might be worth looking into! Will check it out to see if one can convert Dresden Files into it.
Before he had to take a break, Silverkiss was GMing a wonderful "camelot era" game with the DFRPG system, very little conversion required. I think Driving became Riding, Guns became Archery.

My character was a pure mortal Knight who longed to be a classic romance adventure hero like the Arthurian tales.

Originally Posted by BeyondThePale View Post
I suggest Warrior, Rogue & works very well if yu want magic not to be all over the place and the rules are simple enough for newbies to grasp. Though character creation is the toughest part, but with a little group effort it could all work out fine...I also still believe you can get it for free at
I second this, and you can get it here.

It's rules lite, which is nice. I think it would fit the setting pretty well with minimal effort especially since there is a "Scholar" variant for if you don't want any magic at all. I'm actually working on starting up a game myself.

I think it depends on how complex you want to be.

Pathfinder or DND for high complexity (barring magical classes). Warrior Rogue mage is a great simple system.


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