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Player looking for a long term game. (Pathfinder, D&D 3.5 or lower, Etc.)

Player looking for a long term game. (Pathfinder, D&D 3.5 or lower, Etc.)

Greetings all!

I am a very experienced player and I am looking for a PBP game that has long term potential. I am willing to play just about any genre of game as long as it uses dice. I am also open to playing any class, or race that may be needed. I have played just about every game out there in my 20+ years of gaming. I am also free to answer any of your questions, please feel free to ask.

Thanks in Advance
Garrett Bishop

hey Garrett,

Best way to get going is to get on the Games Ads (or click on Games at the top of this page), look for a game system which you would like to play in, then apply as a player

Let the GM know you are new to MW, you'll find the GM and most everyone else will help you with the tools built into MW (dice roller, bbCodes, etc),

Good luck and welcome to MW,


Welcome to the Weave, Garrett.

What types of games interest you?

Hey Athakas,

Thanks for the welcome. I have played so many different types of games I have lost count. I even tried free-form roleplay but it didn't have that aspect of chance that dice based games have. I guess to answer your question, I like any kind of game that sparks the imagination, and let's you escape for a while. You know?


Welcome to MW, Garrett! Plenty of good stuff going on here if you head over the Games & Ads section. There are a host of games from many different systems on here to choose from!

Good gaming!

I agree, the free-form style is a little odd for me as well. I enjoy chance, especially as a GM. My longtime players and I have the motto: Play it where it lands!

Well, keep a look out. I hope to throw up a game ad before the end of the year, maybe it could be something you are interested in. I'm looking at mapping resources now, since I don't believe excel maps will be winners on the weave.


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