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Bond, James Bond...

Originally Posted by Kerim View Post
I really need to go watch the movies once. Just buy/rent them all, free up an afternoon, and watch them all.
An afternoon? For all the Bond films? Try a weekend.

A weekend? Try a week. Including Skyfall, there are 25 Bond films. At an average running time of 1 hour 45 minutes per film (that's generous to the early films and short on the new ones), you are talking about 2,625 minutes of Bond goodness. Watching them straight through is 43 hours and 45 minutes. Not counting actually switching out the DVDs, or pausing for bathroom/eating/smoke breaks.

If you could watch them straight through, yeah, you could do it in a weekend. But with an average of 10 hours of time to watch them a day, you're looking at 4+ days to do it. Assuming you don't get bored and want to shelve it for a bit.

I watched Skyfall today and I don't want to be too harsh, so I am just going to say I didn't like it.

It lacked the classic bond essence that makes James Bond, such a memorable character.


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