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Rune Arms for tabletop RPG

Rune Arms for tabletop RPG

I've lately been playing DDO (A lot), and have fallen completely in love with the Artificer Rune arms.

Does anyone have an idea on how to convert them to use in 3.5?

I have toyed with the idea myself. here's what i have come up with.
Rune Arm
off hand
range 20
special: Rune Arms attach to the wrist there by leaving the offhand free to wield a 2h ranged weapon. as an equipment Rune Arms add 1d4 energy damage per enhancement bonus to any attack made by the wielder. As a weapon the Rune Arm can be charged as a move action each round to a maximum equal to enhancement bonus. When unleashed it launches one orb of energy per enhancement bonus (min 1) as a ranged touch attack dealing 1d6+Enhancement bonus per charge. Rune Arms may be enchanted with any none weapon enchantment. A Rune Arm may come with Fire, Cold, Electrical, Acid, Force, or Sonic energy

what server you on? Currently all my characters are on Sarlona
Teserak Artificer 25
Sorakan Druid 8

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