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Rogue Trader to D20

Rogue Trader to D20

Hey all. I am currently a member of a campaign taking place in the Warhammer universe but using the D20 system to play. The books we are using for item references are Rogue Trader system (Core, Into the Storm, Hostile Acquisitions and Battlefleet Kronus.) books and expansions.

Since RT uses a system not based in actual currency and Item Rarity is handled differently I am not really sure how gaining new gear should be done. Items do not have an exact value and there is no system of Profit Factor in our game.

My only idea of how to actually deal with it would be to just stick the PF system into D20 but I would prefer something more integrated.

Any ideas?

How using the Wealth mechanics from d20 Modern? I'm sure it will require some fiddling with but the base system is already there.

That might work. Thanks. Any other ideas will be considered too.

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