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Dungeon Danger for the Beginner DM! (Retro D&D Games)

Good concept, except that this adds a level of complexity for a new DM that I'm trying to avoid. Once the DM runs the first game, he's free to do whatever he likes and is comfortable with if he chooses to continue DM'ing. This is something I could mention as an option for afterwards, but again, I want to keep things as simple as possible.

Update: However, if someone can make some suggestions on setting up a geomorph that would add minimal complications for a first-time DM, I'll gladly listen to any suggestion

Sounds cool Mercutio. Just a quick question. Are you going to implement a standard setting. Something like Greyhawk or Forgotten Realms. I know this might be problematic to a new DM but world building exercises to help the new DM learn how to populate a setting could be included. Such as naming towns and cities. Take our generator here and expand on it to incorporate a default setting so that the term living and breathing could be included. Different adventures from different players meeting within this setting could lead to different and more encounters. I know I'm going off on different tangents but you could include a ruins dungeon, an entrance to a cave or a castle too in this "default setting"

I've thought about the setting issue, and don't think I'll be incorporating a specific. If anything, I'll include a quick section on incorporating settings and leave it at that

I'm thinking maybe adding a 3rd level to the dungeon. This would be an un-stocked dungeon, with a few tables for random stocking, and seeding a few ideas for letting the new DM make use of his new experience to stock it with his own ideas. Any thoughts on this idea?

Ok, so I checked out the Situations book, and I do like the 9 Rooms idea. I'll definitely use the information in laying out the dungeon for this module

For those interested in this project, I'm still working on some ideas, and will post what I have here in the next couple of days when I get things sorted out

Originally Posted by Powderhorn View Post
I'm still following along, and have this thread subscribed to. Perhaps a google doc should be started?
I may just do that when I have some time

Okay, so this is going slower than I'd hoped, but I am definitely getting things done little by little, and hope to get to the pdf/book writing and formatting part sometime in the near future. I'm really excited about this project!

Finally getting back to this project yet again. I'm reworking a map for the adventure (the first map seems a bit small for it's purpose, honestly. As well, I'm in the primary writing phase for the main guide section (the basics to runnning an OSR game via pbp format). Now I just need some simple artwork contributions to fill in some blank spaces in the initial pages

If I can put in at least a couple hours a day, I figure I should have this ready to go by the end of march with any luck. I'm not looking to put out something worthy of 'publication', but I want something that's going to come across as somewhat professional and not just a bunch of fast-written scrap.


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