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Hey There!

Hey There!

Hey guys, brand new to the site but not to gaming in general, heard about this site from a friend who says that this is the place to play by post.

I'm going to start up a d20 modern-ish Halo themed game in a few hours here! I'm familiar with the coding style so it shouldn't take too long for me to learn how this site works, but fogive any bumps along the way!

Welcome to the Weave.

Start a game in a few hours? Sounds keen. There's always demand for GMs so you'll be more'n welcome..

Hey AH,

It may be worth joining a game to get an idea of how things fit together -- PbP is WAY different from RL.

In the meantime there are always forums on here where you can ask questions, the GM Workshop being an especially good place to start

If you're desperate to start running your own game, advertise for a Co-DM as well as players -- not so much for content, but as a "Technical" advisor to help you with planning, setting your threads, complicated dice rolls, sheet rolls, etc

Good Luck,


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