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tk force power

tk force power

Hi, I'm looking for uses for Tk force. My DM is very rules intensive so it has to be by the book. What are some uses the makes this power useful verses fly or tk thrust?

He ruled that disarm is both a will save and a str vs int opposing roll. I can't pick anyone up, nor can someone ride on something I pick up. I can't hold doors closed against someone trying to open. Can't throw anything.

Is there anything left it could be good for?

Unfortunately, if your GM is being that restrictive (he's right that you can't throw things, arguably wrong that you can't lift people, very wrong that they can't ride on things you lift) the power has probably been rendered into such a minor niche power that there's no point in taking it and you should find something he'll actually allow to function instead. Sure, it has better ranged and weight limits than Mage Hand but that's a 0 level spell.

First off, that disarm ruling is just...bad. A Will check AND an opposed roll? It really should be one or the other, not both. How does he justify not having the willpower to hold on to something but you are still physically strong enough to do so? Or the opposite - you have the will but not the strength?

And I agree with leons1701 - the power, due to your GM's rulings, has been rendered to being next to useless. I'd ask him, nicely and politely, why he is making this ruling on the power, and bring up the points leons1701 brought up above. He's the GM, and it's his game, but as a player you have the right to question why he is making the rulings. Things should be about balance, not about eliminating an option because he can.

Yeah, he tends to nerf things. He nerfed control sound into useless.

I think Tk force is dead to me.

Thanks. I was thinking about other uses, but we have thieves.

he nerfed Control Sound? Weird. Its roughly equivalent to Silence in power.

Yeah, he wanted silence to be a cleric only spell. Can't garble spells, either, I think. Without an offensive use, it becomes a very situational only use. I've heard I should use it to help the thief, but how the hell am I going to hide to be able to see to use it?

This game has had a lot of nerfing in it. Trying to keep my head down in the foxhole against further nerf artillery, lol. If I figure out a slick use of a power, I should hang onto it for a one time use. I might get to pull it off once, then it'll get banned/nerfed.


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