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Hello from newbie

Hello from newbie


my name is Daniel, I am from Austria (the one with the music, not the kangoroos) and I am a student.

I did my bachelors in computer engineering (yes, I am a nerd), and am now in Moscow studying International Management.
Even dough I am a nerd I never played a D&D style game, and I want to start with that now. Unfortunately I move around quite a bit (2 month ago in Germany, before in Austria, now in Moscow and in 2 month in Paris. All for my studies), so joining a local group is out of the question.

I am completely new to pen & paper RPGs, and so far I have read the D&D 3.5 PHB, I want to join a game that allows me to learn and is tolerant to newbies.

I am looking forward to playing with you!

Best regards

hey daniel, welcome to the site

i am looking to start a chapter of a post-apocalyptic scenario and, since me and the "others" are fairly new to playing by posts, I think we are on the same league.

Do drop a line if you are interested for details.
All in all have fun and cheers,

I am interested

could you tell me a bit more?
Right now I have only read the 3.5 PHB, but of course I would be willing to read other books if you don't use 3.5.

Is it fantasy or SciFi post-apocalyptic?
If fantasy: I would be very interested, also for a longer campaign
If SciFi: I would (only) be interested in a shorter (few one-shots) to learn the basics of the game.


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