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DMs: What's the most crazy/difficult villain you've made?

Human weresnake lich archwizard. If prepared, the PC's can hardly touch him in combat, but they managed to destroy him once with lots of alien explosives. They finally gotten close to his phylactery which is locked up in a library on Mechanus by allying with the Formians to overtake the library.

His general is a half-dragon loxo barbarian soul-eater with an adamantine greataxe. He has two invisible goblins, a wizard and a cleric, to follow him around anywhere and provide buffs, healing and emergency teleportation. If prepared, he has at least eaten the soul of a goblin slave to increase his strength, stoneskin, true seeing and protection from energy(the elementalists chosen energy) active.
The PC's came close to killing him twice already, and are know aware of the goblins.

I've got the stats for mine in a thread I posted on here a while back...let's see...ah here he is:

Dreagloth with Unholy Scion Template attached. Can't challenge higher than CR 7 or 8 without more, but it's freakish for what it can do.

Wippit, that sounds like an exceedingly gross/weird enemy. A squishy floppy monstrosity with wings...

Another one I've thought of but haven't every implemented is an annis hag Wendigo with druid levels. Possibly the most psychologically unnerving enemy.... "I thought I saw something horrible out of the corner of my eye, but there's nothing there but a raven sitting in a tree."

Human Half-dragon 3 / Dracolich 4 / Evolved undead 2/ Elocator 7 // Wilder 7 warmind 6 elocator 3 by the name of Crucius the Insane. Made him for a level 16 gestalt pvp game. His cohort is a high-level cleric with a number of undead creation feats; Crucius's favorite is the one that makes the undead around him explode for negative energy damage when they die.

Haven't had a chance to use him yet, unfortunately. If you're prepared for his DC 35 paralyzing gaze/paralyzing touch, defeating him is pretty doable. His primary method of dealing damage is Psionic Transfer (Hostile); he gets a lot of melee attacks but none of them do very much damage.


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