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I've been looking for a site to discuss and exchange ideas. I've been DM-ing for about 3 years now and have run campaigns including: Marvel Saga, Call of Cthulu, Wheel of Time. Right now I'm running my own twist on marvel called Marvel Noir which is a 1953 investigative role play. Hope to be talking with some of you soon!

1950s noir. Always feel noir belongs earlier than that, 30's or 40s.

Anywho, welcome to the Weave

don't feel bad Mable; blue-folk always seem to have a "better" view of things...(no offense plugsy ) Noir=black which is ==dark. "Dark" settings can be applied to any era or time in history/timeline/setting/etc.
plenty of discussions going on here for many different gaming systems, personally i have not heard of wheel of time or Marvel Saga... gonna go check them both out now.

good luck bud!

Yah, it's just cause Plugsy was born in the 30's

Hence the grumpy old man syndrome ... LOL

Welcome, I'd suggest you go join a game which catches your fancy, it will help you learn the tools that MW has (dice roller, bbCodes, etc) -- then launch your own game when you're ready.

IMAO there are not enough CoC games on here ...

I used to play Marvel Superheroes back in the early 80's and if Marvel Saga is anything like that, it should be a blast

Good luck,


@YohanRedde, Wheel of Time has a thread on here I believe, It's a little hard to run with folks who haven't read the series by Robert Jordan because of the fact that it is very caster heavy. However there are limits and certain norm obligations in the WoT realm that counteract that IF the player is aware that they exist.

As for Marvel and Marvel Noir the system is different in the fact that it is played with number color coded cards that add onto a score for attributes or skills and a "trump" factor that is basically the equivalent of crit calculation. A bit more of the gameplay depends on the DM than the traditional D20 system. Character creation is quick and easy and they have a list of "Marvel" universe skills and powers to choose from. The noir system I cooked up has the players in investigative roles as Federal Agents that were as an origin story failed Captain America serum Experimentees. This gives me a good excuse to give them low scale powers and force them into situations that make them use their heads rather than depend solely on their superpower. It's been going quite well so far. It could possible work online, I'd have to change a few details, Do you think this would interest people on Myth Weavers?.

Best way to find out is to create a game putting those details in the Game Ad Maple.

You'll find that the first few days after you post a game you'll be doing Q and A on just about everything

So when you write up your Ad, put as many details in there as you can (you could even include a FAQ for peeps to read to try and head off the question stampede ...)

Good luck with it


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