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I Sense a Great Disturbance in the Force.

Maybe.. I don't think a little hero worship to someone whose planning to donate that amount of money is unwarranted..

Would this be the biggest charitable donation of all time? I googled a little and found a list from last year that said the top celebrity that donated to charity was a bit over 10 million.. Even if a "majority" just means a bit over half, that's a couple billion dollars.

This is far from being the only charitable act that Lucas has done, too. When someone has a track record of acting in a manner like this, I'm less likely to dismiss it as mere
No, not "egotism," which is something else entirely. I mean "egoism": acting from self-interested motives.
egoism. (Still, I don't think that Lord Ben meant to dismiss it, really, as much as point out that there are benefits to Lucas's interests.) is an article that discusses the tax implications and reasoning. about Family Foundations overall.. if you're interested in that sort of thing.

But no, it's not the biggest by any means. If all of it goes into the Family Foundation It'll be anywhere between 12 and 31 on the all time biggest family foundation list:

And only 5% each year needs to be used for charitable causes, the rest can pay kids salaries, invest and grow, etc. It's a great tax free (estate tax at least) way to provide for your kids and generations to come and also do some good in the world.

I'm not denouncing him by any means, just pointing out that this type of thing isn't unusual among the super wealthy who do estate planning.

I'm not talking about the foundations that have the most money, just what the single highest amount one person has ever donated..

Anyway, I'm sure there's tax stuff that he gets and to be honest, maybe he should.. Giving that amount of money is pretty awesome.. Maybe Lucas is doing if for that reason, maybe he's just a charitable guy and would do it even without the tax breaks associated with it.. Can't say.. What we can say is that it's insanely generous and it will go to a good cause (education).

Buffet is in the process of giving away ~40 billion or so. Or a very high percentage of it at least. 85% by some accounts though it varies from source to source. Bill Gates had given 28 billion so far. Margaret Anne Cargill gave ~6 billion last year to her Foundation (upon her death). Adjusted for Inflation Carnegie and Rockefeller gave away that much and more also. 8 and 12 billion each if the inflation calculator I used was accurate.

I'll just leave this here...

My sincere hope is that Disney's famed pursuit of existing franchises will result in a continuation of the Jedi Knight series. The return of Kyle Katarn would make be very happy. Those games were awesome.

Can't say I'm particularly thrilled about new Star Wars coming out, but Disney has a better than average line of success with movies, especially those from firms they essentially buy out (Pixar, Marvel, etc), so I guess I'm in the wait and see mode.

However, I really hope that this now allows Square Enix to create a new Kingdom Heats game that incorporates the Star Wars and Indiana Jones worlds into the game. That would be awesome.

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