Born of Two Uratha: A Werewolf: the Forsaken Game

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Born of Two Uratha: A Werewolf: the Forsaken Game

Born of Two Uratha: A W:tF Game - Forum
World of Darkness
Ad Closes: Nov 30 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 1

A story of struggle, choice and challenging all that one knows, set in the harsh Canadian north amidst Baffin Island's icy tundra.

Game Description:

Estimated Numbers Requested: Minimum of 4, but will take more if there are more applications.

Permitted Splats: Uratha (Werewolves), Urugarum (Wolf-Blooded), shapeshifters from War Against the Pure

Posting Requirement: If you're going to be gone for a week or more, let me know so I can give your characters an IC excuse to disappear if need be.

Character Creation: Basic character creation, no extra starting XP unless you cut your Morality down to 5, with 5 XP granted for each point of Morality dropped. Players are required to perform Derangement rolls for each point they get rid of. If a player cannot or does not want to come up with an original character concept, they may pick a character to use from the Werewolf: the Forsaken demo product, Manitou Springs.

Submission: If you are creating an original character concept, please PM me with your sheet, a background consisting of a minimum of 10 lines of text, and a small writing sample of the same length. If you are using a premade character, PM me with the source book he/she is from, the page number, and a writing sample that is at least the aforementioned minimum length.

Setting: We will not be using the Colorado setting as presented in the Werewolf core, or the Rockies supplement presented. Nor will we be using the Chicago setting that was made up for Mortals (if I am reading my books right). Instead, we are looking at Baffin Island in Canada, on the coast where three rivers meet. You are welcome to have your characters come from the Rockies, Colorado or Chicago however.

The story is centred around the birth of a living, Gauru-formed child from two werewolves. Instead of an unihar, a strange, deformed cub has been spawned, Death Raging from its mother's womb and into a world of fear. The players are the ones to discover the newborn cub, and in the process, attract the attention of powerful spirits who vie over the cub's future. Known as the Ulle'u, the birth of the cub may be tied to a ley line running nearby, and a powerful ley point locus situated at a river. And then there is the issue of a mysterious, dangerous spirit preying on werewolves and humans alike, and who has its own interests in the cub....

List of Books:

  • World of Darkness corebook
  • Werewolf: the Forsaken corebook
  • Blood of the Wolf
  • Book of Spirits
  • Lore of the Forsaken
  • The Pure
  • The Rage
  • Tribes of the Moon
  • War Against the Pure
  • Werewolf Translation Guide (Tribes only)
  • World of Darkness - Merit's Compendium (a fan-made resource collecting most of the Merits from almost all the books; I'll let anyone use just about any Merit from here so long as it's not specific to a book, like Second Sight)

I am also considering letting people use a ready-made PC from the W:tF demo game, Manitou Springs.

House Rules:

1. The errata for the W:tF corebook is in full effect in this game. Errata for the W:tF line can be found here: We are also using the WoD errata in this game (

2. No custom shapeshifters. If you want to use an alternate shapeshifter, you must use one written up in War Against the Pure.

3. Characters starting with or obtaining fetishes or talens must have ST permission before they do.

4. The Wolf-Blooded merit we use is the one found in the Werewolf corebook. We are not using the Wolf-Blooded merit as written up in Blood of the Wolf.

5. After character creation, increasing Fighting Style Merits requires ST approval.

6. The Ulle'u (aka Metis) cub is meant to be an anomaly, a frightening enigma in the Forsaken's world. No Ulle'u characters are allowed, and neither are Urhanu (Lupus) characters. The only material you may use from the Werewolf Translation Guide are the tribes as Lodges.

7. Though this rule may seem odd to some, I must place it here by necessity due to games derailed by the matter in the past. If you wish to have a romantic storyline for your character, whatever character your character falls in love with MUST be a PC or NPC you own. This is to avoid unfortunate implications, feelings and entanglements, and reduce the chance for drama in general. Again, I apologize for any inconveniences.

8. No Bale Hounds. No material from books other than the ones listed above.

If you apply, please also fell free to mention whether or not you'd like to use the revised forms and gifts, as presented by LOOK on the official White Wolf forums.

Hey, i was looking for a good NWoD campaign online and this sounds very promising. I have never played a werewolf character but I am very familiar with the rules since I run a lot of cross-setting campaigns set in WoD and I like werewolves as NPC's.

Would the position still be open?

I'm interested, Though i'll have to dig out my books out of my files.

Couple of things i need you to check on:
1.- Your link to the Forsaken Errata leads to an empty page.
2.- I suppose This is what you mean when you talk about "revised forms and gifts"? I don't frecuent the WW forums much.

I played some Vamp: The Masquerade at a con a while back and ran though some of the stuff for a quick one shot recently. Been wanting to try other things from the WoD stuff =3 This looks fun n_n

Hello, I would like to be part of this campaign. I'll be PMing you with my character details shortly. I think White Wolf has done an amazing job re-working their titles, and improving upon them. As such, my prefrence is for the vanilla fluff, but I'm willing to go along with the translation guide if the other players would rather do that. Either way, I'm here to have some fun!

@Madmal: Yes, that is what I'm referring to.

@Alastar: Feel free to join!

@Everyone else: Thank you for showing interest! The ad will run for 30 days, so you have until then to get your sheets in. Plenty of time!

Good, I should have my character ready by monday evening. I look like i'm working if i do it at work ! :P I'm thinking of going for a Irathaeu Bone shadow man who runs a small nature resort on the Baffin Island. the kind of place where you can do Dog Sledding, Ice Fishing, winter camping and other fun family activities.

Just read about Baffin Island, holy crap that place is a wasteland! Are we going to be in the city of Icaluit? Or just in the middle of the frozen wastes.


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