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Forgotten Realms mariners?

Forgotten Realms mariners?

Hi there, new to the site but I love the character sheets. I apologize if this isn't a suitable question for here, but looking at some others I think it's okay.

We're starting up a new campaign in Faerun, that I haven't seen since 2nd Edition. I'm trying to read up on the different human races; at least it's easy that there's usually a real world analog to them.

I want to make my character from a small fishing village/dock town. She's not a sailor but more like a fisherman, before she starts the adventuring life. I'm trying to find a seafaring, coastal human race that aren't the vikings (Illuskans I think?) I was going for more Mediterranean feel, warm weather sailing folk, like a Greek maybe or possibly the Caribbean. Hawaiian or Filipino style would be great too. Calimshite is more Arabic than I was thinking, but it's better than the Vikings for this. Is there any analog to the Greeks in Faerun? A people that live on the coast (of either sea) though the closer to Waterdeep the better.

Thanks for your help!


Update: I haven't been able to find a great match to something Greek or South Pacific yet, but I just heard about Chessenta and that might be pretty decent for what I need. If anyone knows much about that, feel free to bug me.

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