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What metal does the Weave enjoy?

What metal does the Weave enjoy?

Title says all, I'd guess if I had to.

Recently I got a bit bored with a large amount of my library. And I figured I'd ask you guys for new stuff.

The most recent addition that I actually enjoyed is Noumena, A finnish band of....whats that genre called again?....Melodic Death Metal.....yeah thats it. Rather fun, I generally enjoy their sound a lot, especially that they have 3 singers.

So whats the news guys, got something for me?

Tool steel is a fantastically useful, all purpose alloy. It can be hardened, heat treated, and used in so many different applications. Of course when extra polish is needed, you can't go wrong with a chrome finish. Now for looks, I prefer burnished copper, but then you have to worry about a patina forming. For medical instruments silver's antispe--

Huhn? Oh, music. Um, I'm just going to sit over here, then.

Well tool steel is fun too, and I am looking for a place to learn smithing, but yes, music was more my question. But personally, i'd go with damast steel, especially the twisted one.

I'm a fan of silver - shiny, easy to polish, easy to work with, looks pretty...

Music-wise, pretty much all of it. Death, Doom, Black, Heavy, Power, Symphonic, Goth, Thrash... I love it all (except metalcore... I'm not gonna say anymore).

But unfortunately it is rather fragile by itself, and even as an alloy not quite steel

I used to really really love Voivod. Still do but rarely listen to them these days. Bands I listen to most are Maximum The Hormone and Utsu-P. When I hang out in Second Life I alternate between anime music and Industrial Goth/Metal/Electro Body Music.

Originally Posted by SinGin View Post
But unfortunately it is rather fragile by itself, and even as an alloy not quite steel
True, although most of my metalwork experience is in the creation of jewelry, and for that purpose silver works just fine. I'm also a big fan of platinum, for similar reasons.

As for metal music, I'll list my big faves.

Nightwish (best Metal band. Thoumas [I think that's how he spells it] is a musical genius) [Finnish]

Sirenia [Sweedish]

Sonic Syndicate (Their older music is probably the best. Though some of their newer music isn't bad at all) [Sweedish]

In Flames [Don't know]

Within Temptation (Comes close to Nightwish, but lack the real diversity that Thoumas can achieve) [Dutch]

Epica [Not sure. I want to say Dutch, but might be Sweedish]



40 Below Summer


Sometimes.. 8 Foot Sativa

Been listening to rock more than metal nowadays - must be getting old.


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