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Chat Roleplay

Chat Roleplay

I grew up playing in chat, mainly in yahoo when they had user created rooms allowed. We called that place Ayenee. But these days it seems hard to find chat rp. Do any of you know of any active chat role playing sites? I've joined a few communities on IRC chat, the darkmyst server hosting a plethora of rp's, but it seems most of the rooms are people just sitting OOC and not doing anything.

There is a pathfinder community within Darkmyst called Gaia if anyone is interested in playing in chat from time to time. Its still quiet from time to time, but I have found role play there.

Also, would anyone be willing to create a community in the IRC server, or somewhere like it. A community where anyone can just come in and role play, and if there were any quest going on different people could play the DM and such. Just throwing out some ideas out there.

Cool idea. I've always wanted to commit to running a game in chat. Although I would imagine the pace is a lot faster. I don't even know how I would fair in this type of environment. I know when I ran a few games for friends in real life, finding descriptions with words was a little difficult for me. Especially seeing how I like the Warhammer 40k Universe it could be something provided I get more time to do this.

Check out Roll20 maybe. You can integrate it with Google+ Hangouts and even play via video chat complete with maps and dice roller.

I've been on roll20, but places that require schedule times and all that. The good thing with chat is that you can come into, lets say a tavern, and just start role playing and meeting people you haven't met before. With chat rp, you can play when you want. But, doing more quest like things take more work and planning like any live rp. And, if everyone agrees on the same system to play under, people can battle each other rather then have a GM playing as NPC's. But a GM can still used for those as well.

I just logged into Roll20 (not via Google+) and launched my test campaign I made months ago. Everything is how I left it, including the stuff in the chat bar. But it sounds like you are looking for a more open environment. I do remember the kind of RP you are talking about, and have done that in the past. Fun, but more conducive to free-form RP. Closes thing I have seen are RP sims in Second Life which I do frequent from time to time.

I play a chat based game in IRC on Sunday nights. We've got a pretty varied group, and most of the time we do try to keep the action going.

We use the Mibbit host, mostly. Otherworlders server, the room name is #turucambi
You can PM me for more details.

RolePlayGateway's Multiverse is very active and many of its players prefer the chat.

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