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What metal does the Weave enjoy?

Kinda surprised Kamelot hasn't been posted yet. Great band right there, I've caught them live a couple times.

Blind Guardian

Dream Theater

Also here is an appropriate orc smiley for this thread

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40 Below Summer


Sometimes.. 8 Foot Sativa

Been listening to rock more than metal nowadays - must be getting old.
Speaking of Mushroomhead, I had coffee with one of the female dancers of this group back in the 90's at a local coffee shop. No lie. It was the old Mushroomhead when they played out at the bar scene.

could be, or it is just that the new metal is getting a bit bad *looks at Ensiferums new cd*.

@Dalara: Aha, another scandinavian conniseur ^_^.

@ShamedShadow: are they still together? I haven't caught news of them bringing out something new yet.

Rouska - They are like a finnish version of Rammstein, without the songs about necrophilia and incest.
Vintersorg - Very nice, especially their instrumentation.

anyone know some good viking metal?

Originally Posted by SinGin View Post
anyone know some good viking metal?
Closest I've listened to (and should listen to more) is Korpiklaani.

Alestorm is some pretty damned good pirate metal.
Genitorturers (most definitely a parental advisory on that) would be good for an evil campaign.
Sabaton is awesome (Coat of Arms would especially be appropriate) and I'm surprised no one's mentioned them yet.

This is without mentioning metal that no one else has.

Well sabaton works better with 40k or so i feel, like ghost division is totally appropriate when playing tank heavy. but they do make me happy.

@Krimson: Try Ensiferum's older stuff and Turisas. Those are pretty staple.

@Carnas: What I like about alestorm is that they have an amzing drummer, like hands down that guy is a genius.

Copper is my metal of choice, probably because it looks just like my Lady Wife's hair.

Was never a big metalhead in my youth, so the various subgenres everyone is throwing around are quite beyond me. I'm presently grooving to Die So Fluid.


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