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DriveThruRPG Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Charity Bundle

DriveThruRPG Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Charity Bundle

Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Charity Bundle

I realize there is already a Hurricane Sandy thread, but I feel this warrants its own thread and is relevant to the site since its RPG related as well. DriveThruRPG has put together a bundle for $20 from various publishers. There is currently over $400 worth in PDFs on it, and they continue to try and get more publishers to add to it. I went ahead and bought it even though I might not even use most of it. Still, its a bunch of new reading material to stick on my tablet. In any case, I thought people might be interested.

For those that haven't looked, this is a list of titles available in the Bundle.

'45 - Psychobilly Retropocalypse

100 Points Four Square

Adversaries: The Triad (BASH)

Age of Lords: Campaign Setting Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

American Artifacts

Ancient Temple

Angels - Essentials

Angels - the Game of Divine Stories

Angels - the Story of Greene's Store


Barroom Brawls

BP-CS0 Secret of the Pit Pathfinder

Call to Arms: Archer's Arsenal

CLASSifieds: Pyromancer

Clockwork and Chivalry 2nd Edition Core Rulebook

Coins of the Realm: Gold

Colonial Gothic: The Grimoire

Comicworld Germany

Comicworld Ukraine

Condition Tokens

Corporation Core Rules

Dark Shadows of Yesterday: An Earthdawn Novel

Diabolical Traps - The Maintenance Mummy

Dyvil: First Edition (Jeff Grubb's 30-Minute Roleplaying Game)

Edison Force

Equipment Cards

Faith & Demons: The Rising - Quick Start Guide

Faith & Demons: The Rising Player's Guide

Figurines of Wondrous Power

Fistful of Fantasy: 01


Gaslight Calender Pack

Gaslight Map Pack

Gaslight OGL Character Sheet

Gaslight Victorian Fantasy (OGL Edition)

Hell for Leather

Hellbrood: Countdown to Invasion

Hellfrost Creature Guide: Bufomi

Hope Prep School Freshman Handbook (ICONS)

Immortal Twilight: An Earthdawn Novel

It Came From Beyond The Still

It Came From Beyond The Still - Men in Plaid and Those Other Guys

It Came From Beyond The Still - Weapons Closet


Killshot: An Assassin's Journal

Lady Bexington's Home for Wayward Zombies

Lizardfolk of the Dragon Fang

Mince Pies & Murder

Modern Floorplans: Cyber-Cafe

Modern Floorplans: Nightclub

Modern Floorplans: Passenger Jets

Modern Item Cards

Necropolis 2350 - The Long Sleep

Oriental Stories, Vol. 2: Four Classic Pulp Fiction Tales

Part-Time Gods

Pocket Troll #0

Portentous Dreams

Quick Worlds 17: Tal'Kalares

Quick Worlds 23: Ararat

Quick Worlds 24: Erlik

Quick Worlds 25: Sophronius

Racial Ecologies: Guide to Grippli

Random Acts of... Old West Violence

Random Acts of... Violence

Red Blizzard (Ingenium Version)

Ripped From the Headlines: Mission Interleumab-3

Roleplayers Chronicle Issue #1

ROLF: Steve Costigan and the Thief of Youth

ROLF: The Rollplaying Game of Big Dumb Fighters

Savage Insider Premium Issue #3

Shadow, Sword & Spell: Basic

Shadows of Dreams: Poetry by Robert E. Howard

Shadows over Ekul

Sherwood: The Legend of Robin Hood (OGL Edition)

Steve Miller's 30-Minute Roleplaying Game (SM-30)

Tall Ships 8: The H.M.S. Victory

The Eternal Rest

The Gamers' Guide to the Space Opera Genre

The Gamersí Guide to Tabletop Role-playing Genres

The Imp Game - Mischief & Mayhem, Third Edition

The Modern Path - Arcana of the Modern World [PFRPG]

The Modern Path - Heroes of the Modern World 2.0 [PFRPG]

The Ossuary

The Perfect Storm

The Pine Ridge Horror

Tomorrowland: The Art of Aaron Acevedo

Troglodytes of the Tentacled One

Two-Bit Thugs

War of the Dead: Chapter Four (Package)

War of the Dead: Chapter One (Package)

War of the Dead: Chapter Three (Package)

War of the Dead: Chapter Two (Package)

War of the Dead: The Paper Dead (Set 1)

When the Navy Walked - Revised Core Rules

[PFRPG] Phantasia Zoologica Volume I: Cats, Dogs & Horses

[PFRPG] Shadowglade: Player's Guide to Shadowglade

I went ahead and looked through the list and seen some very resourceful releases that will greatly assist me in an upcoming game. Thanks for the link Krimson, downloaded about 14 of released pdfs. I was greatly inspired by the 14 that I will use.

Do check back, as they have added a few titles since I picked it up. I was kind of drawn by the Pathfinder Modern stuff (though I had the PF Modern from a while back). I found G-Core to be interesting, as its pretty much a new take on Marvel FASERIP (to the point of being compatible).

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