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So I just found out that you can sneak attack and crit undead and constructs in Pathfinder.

How long have I been playing this game?

Yeah, i had some of my players in my FtF game insisting that undead couldn't be critted, and I couldn't find it anywhere in the rules

I never ran very much 3e or 3.5e at all. Perhaps gives me an advantage.

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Can you take 10 on inscribing a scroll? Also, is there a limit to how many scrolls can be inscribed?

You can take 10 anytime you are not in immediate danger or distracted.

I think you can only scribe scrolls that are on the Cronicle sheet, but you can scribe as many spells from another wizard's spell book as you have money for.

Do any human races(thought I think that word is a misnomer) get a free bonus language like Elves or other non-humans?

Tian characters automatically gain Tian and Common I believe.

EDIT: Yep, page 8 of the Guide just above the Skills section.

It's on page 8 of the Inner Sea World Guide.

I don't know if this applies for PFS characters, however. Looking at Additional Resources, all it says about languages in this book is that the various human languages are available. So, I'd guess in PFS they are not free. (I do give them free to appropriate humans in my non-PFS campaigns.)

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Do Shoanti, Varisians, etc. speak Taldane (Common) for free as well?
Yes. It's just like elves and so forth. PCs start with their ethnic language and Taldan (aka Common).

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