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i'm not certain how that's possible, but i'm envious...
Okay, one of my two major hobbies outside of gaming? Social/ballroom dance. Seriously. I take every opportunity I can to throw on the white tee, jeans, and leather jacket, and go out and swing dance. It's fun as hell and I actually look pretty good in the garb.

You watch Strictly Ballroom 2 times per week, don't ya?


I never was much of a dancer. I can do the Twist/Batusi...and The Charleston (at least part of it).

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You watch Strictly Ballroom 2 times per week, don't ya?
I don't, because I'm too busy going to dance classes.

One of the very, VERY few nice things about being unable to find any work whatsoever is that I have time to pursue my hobbies.

Pity, it's a good movie

JJ Abrams to do SW VII.

From Star Trek to Star Wars. Pretty sure that's a sin... but if so, good sin to make.

yeah, there were a lot of lens flares in that Star Trek movie...that said, this could be good news.

i know i'm really going out on a limb here, but i think the original trilogy will still be the best films no matter what Disney does with Star Wars...

Actually, I think the only reason I love the original trilogy is because I was the perfect age for it. When I watch the original with a discerning eye, taking into account the year it was made and such, I find that A New Hope and Jedi both are, at best, mediocre movies. Empire still stands strong. I mean, how many scenes do we watch and say, "Yeah, that was pretty dumb, but it was cool"? Far too many, I think.

Therefore, acknowledging that, I find that the potential for creating a truly great movie out of the New Expanded Universe is a real possibility. Unfortunately, I said the same thing about the prequels. While I don't loathe them the way that many Star Wars fans do, they're also, at best, mediocre movies for me.

And the lens flares didn't bother me.

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