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Hi all (:

Hi all (:

'sup! I'm Lio, a 21 years old guy who is in search of a game!

But before all, I'd love to know: is it possible to play in a different language than English? Assuming that every player and the GM speaks it, of course. I have a friend who is thrilling to play something but she isn't confortable with the idea of playing it in English.

All in all, is a pleasure to be here!

Yo dawg, how ya doin'?

There shouldn't be anything stopping you from writing in a language other than english....Test Test, Links Zwo Drei Vier.....seems to work fine. But just to make sure Bieberdammbaugesellschaftsvertreter. Nope all good ^-^.
And if you are looking for a game, look at the "Games & Ads" section a find one you like.

Pleaseure to have ya here

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