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What metal does the Weave enjoy?

Oh so we are back on topic? copper is nice, conductive, easy to work with and looks really sweet with a patina. I still got a bunch of chuncks floating in my boxes. I should work with it.

Dark Moor for its instrumentals and Falconer for its singer. They're in league with bands like Nightwish, Rhapsody of Fire, Blind Guardian, Manowar, and Kamelot.

The Fall of Melnibone has to be my favorite song at the moment.

I can't get enought Finnish metal lately.

Insomnium - These guys are outstanding! One of the best metal bands around. Epic, melodic, and very tasteful.

Kalmah - Black Waltz and Swampsong especially


Always been fond of iridium, myself. Old-school.
Same with music. I keep coming back to Iron Maiden.

They are going to play in my town next year, i should probably get tickets before they all kick the bucket.

For those who love Viking Metal, try out Moonsorrow. It's awesome, though you'll probably not understand a word of what they're saying.

I'm into a lot of Folk Metal, not only viking, though. Arkona, Eluvitie, Corvus Corax (Though that kinda strains away from metal) and stuff like that. ALESTORM!!!!! \m/ Probably the most awesome band of the moment. Too bad they resist in coming to the country that created the Piracy at first.... ;___;

@Carnas: I see you have some powerful metal-fu! Genitorturers has awesome songs. And Geni is the hawtest singer. *drools*

I actually listen to a lot of Heavy Metal too. I'm focused right now in Judas Priest, for instance.

Two Three other bands I wish to bring to the discussion: Massacration (Brasil), White Skull and One Man Army And the Undead Quartet.

These bands are SICK! Not the first one. That one is just fun. :P

Anyone here into the more technical death side of things, bands like Meshuggah or Gojira?

I'm an old school metal head!

Give me White Zombie, Slayer, Megadeath, and GWAR!!!!!


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