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3.5 Fun idea for an encounter! - A.rcane I.dea M.echanics

3.5 Fun idea for an encounter! - A.rcane I.dea M.echanics

I have always enjoyed bringing the superhero genre into my d&d games, and I just had an odd thought that I figured I would share. I would love some peoples imput.

The encounter is called Arcane Idea Mechanics.

It will start with what can only be called a terror attack in a metropolis. Not quite sure of the nature, but it has to involve magically enhanced tech using villains. Like a
Its a large sized mech suit for a medium pilot. Its weak enough to be in your every day campaign without being "TOO" mech-ish.
raptor mech from DragonMech's "Shardfall Quest" that fires magic missiles and has magic shields or something. What spells are not important, as long as it has a magic element folded into it. The bad guy will probably be spouting some generic anti-establishment jargon.

Not sure what to add in between, maybe some RP or a chase/stealth bit, but eventually the team will come to the groups lair. Uniformed mages, again using magic fueled tech, will make up the bulk of the encounter. But the grand finally will be a beholder in some form of tech armor, maybe throw in some tiny magical arms to hold a gun or something.

Ooh, I found this picture just now. No mention of an accompanying campaign though.

The good thing about this adventure, the tech will be attuned to the goons., so players cant use it without the DM consenting and coming up with whatever prereq's he wants.

I actually just started a campaign where one of the human nations uses arcane powered tech. They have airships, mechs, "guns", and lots of other unique and fun toys. No beholders in magic armor though.

"Any magic sufficiently analyzed is indistinguishable from SCIENCE!" - Agatha Hetrodyne

This would be awesome in such a game. "I am Iron Man." "That looks like a combination of steel, Mithras and adamantine." "I. Am. Iron. Man."

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